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Acid Drinkers Discography Download MP3 320 kbps (1986 – 2016) MEGA


Acid Drinkers is a Polish thrash metal band formed in 1986. They are known for their humorous and ironic lyrics, as well as their energetic live performances. The current lineup consists of Titus (vocals), Daron (guitar), Popcorn (bass), and Kociołek (drums). Throughout their career, Acid Drinkers have released over 15 studio albums, including “Are You a Rebel?” (1990), “Fishdick” (1994), “High Proof Cosmic Milk” (1998), “Verses of Steel” (2002), and “25 Cents for a Riff” (2017). They have also released several live albums and compilations. Acid Drinkers’ music has been influenced by various genres, including punk rock, heavy metal, and hard rock. They have gained a loyal following in Poland and other parts of Europe, and have toured extensively throughout their career.

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Country: Poland
Genre(s): Thrash Metal/Crossover
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Length: 16:51:45
Size: 2.27 GB (Gigabytes)
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Acid Drinkers’s Facebook

Acid Drinkers’s RELEASES


1990 – Are You A Rebel?
1991 – Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks
1992 – Strip Tease
1993 – Fishdick
1993 – Vile Vicious Vision
1994 – Infernal Connection
1996 – The State Of Mind Report
1998 – High Proof Cosmic Milk
1998 – Varran Strikes Back – Alive!!!
1999 – Amazing Atomic Activity
2000 – Broken Head
2002 – Acidofilia
2002 – Maximum Overload
2004 – Rock Is Not Enough, Give Me The Metal
2006 – The Hand That Rocks The Coffin
2008 – Verses Of Steel
2010 – Fishdick Zwei – The Dick Is Rising Again
2012 – La Part Du Diable
2014 – 25 Cents For A Riff
2016 – P.E.E.P. Show





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