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Agathodaimon was formed in September 1995 by Sathonys (guitar) and Matthias Rodig (drums). After placing some ads in various music magazines, hoping to find the right members for the band. In response to their ads, they were joined by Vlad Dracul (vocals, keyboards) and Marko Thomas (bass). After several rehearsals, it was obvious that a second guitarist would benefit Agathodaimon’s sound. At the end of the year, Hyperion joined the band.

The band recorded the demo “Carpe Noctem” in April 1996. Although it was recorded on eight tracks in just a few hours, it received good reviews from the German trade press. This attracted the attention of a Century Media executive, who began to follow the band’s career. After the release, Agathodaimon started giving small concerts and opening for other European bands. Later, they received an offer from Century Media to produce the recording of their second demo, which was recorded in early 1997 and was called “Near Dark”. This time, the band spent four days recording and got a better quality demo, receiving good reviews as well. This demo attracted the interest of some record labels and, finally, the band decided to sign with Nuclear Blast.

Download’s Info

Country: Germany
Genre(s): Gothic/Black Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Length: 11:10:07
Size: 1.51 Gigabytes
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Agathodaimon’s Facebook

Agathodaimon’s RELEASES

Demos – 128 kbps:

1996 – Carpe Noctem (Cass., Demo, Self-released, Germany)
1997 – Near Dark (And Death Will Turn Pale From Envy) (Cass., Single Sided, Demo, Self-released, Germany)


1998 – Blacken The Angel (Nuclear Blast – NB 298-2, 27361 62982, Germany)
1999 – Higher Art Of Rebellion (Reis. 2002, Irond – IROND CD 02-168, Russia)
2001 – Chapter III (Nuclear Blast – NB 657-2, Germany)
2004 – Serpent’s Embrace (Enh., Irond – IROND CD 04-856, Russia)
2004 – Serpent’s Embrace (Enh., Lim. Ed., Nuclear Blast – NB 1257-2, NB 1258-2, 27361 12572)
2004 – Serpent’s Embrace (Lim. Ed., Rem., Reiss. 2008, Digipak, Metal Mind Productions – MASS CD 1225 DG, Poland)
2009 – Phoenix (Lim. Ed., Digipak, Massacre Records – MAS DP0630, Germany) | 320 kbps Lame 3.99r
2013 – In Darkness (Lim. Ed., Digipak, Massacre Records – MAS-CD 0833, Germany)
2020 – The Seven (Napalm Records Handels GmbH)

Compilations – 192 kbps:

1997 – Tomb Sculptures (Cass., Lim. Ed., Bestial Records – 009, Romania)





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