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DOWNLOAD Arkona Discography 320 kbps (1997 – 2018) MEGA Аркона


Arkona are called the modern heroes of the domestic heavy scene, but wait… it’s been over 20 years! During that time Arkona has turned from a band that at the beginning of its career was playing very different music and practically by different people into one of the trendsetters of melodic heavy music in the post-Soviet space.

The beginnings of ARKONA date back to 2002, when members of local pagan community “Vyatichi”, Masha “Scream” Arhipova and Alexander “Warlock” Korolyov, decided to form a band that mirrored their individual philosophy and musical tastes. The band, at the time still known as Hyperborea, comprised Masha “Scream” Arhipova (vocals), Eugene Knyazev (guitar), Eugene Borzov (bass), Ilya Bogatyryov (guitar), Alexander “Warlock” Korolyov (drums), and Olga Loginova (keyboard), but it wasn’t until February 2002 that ARKONA surfaced from the depths of Russia’s underground scene.

ARKONA soon decided to record several of their pagan/folk songs for their first demo. The recording took place at CDM-Records Studio in December 2002. The demo included 3 tracks – “Kolyada”, “Solntsevorot” (Solstice)” & “Rus’” (Russia). These tracks were later included as a bonus on the live album “Zhizn’ vo slavu” (Live for the Great) released in 2006.

Download’s Info

Country: Russia
Genre(s): Pagan/Folk Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 3.77 Gigabytes
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Arkona’s Facebook


1997 – Маша Архипова – Акустика 01:01:28 192kbps
2002 – Русь [Demo] 00:17:29 253 – 237kbps [VBR]
2004 – Возрождение 00:58:32
2004 [2016] – Возрождение [Re – Issue] 00:57:55
2004 – Лепта 00:41:44
2005 – Во славу великим 01:01:32
2006 – Жизнь во славу 01:13:30
2006 – Жизнь во славу [Live In DVD] 00:52:09
2007 – От сердца к небу! [Limited Digibook Edition] 01:04:39
2009 – Goi, Rode, Goi! 01:19:42
2009 – Ночь Велесова 2CD 02:24:21
2009 – Ночь Велесова [Live In DVD] 02:22:48
2009 – Поём вместе 01:13:13 192kbps
2011 – Stenka Na Stenku 00:24:34
2011 – Slovo 00:57:30
2012 – Битва в Воронеже 01:49:00 224kbps
2013 – 10 лет во славу! [Decade Of Glory] [Limited Digibook Edition] 3CD 03:03:24
2013 [2014] – 10 лет во Славу! [Decade Of Glory] [Live In DVD] 03:00:42
2013 – Акустика 00:27:25 215-320kbps [VBR]
2014 – Yav [Limited Digipack Edition] 01:07:14
2018 – Храм 01:14:05



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