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DOWNLOAD Ars Amandi Discography 320kbps (2014 – 2019) MEGA


“Ars Amandi is a Spanish folk rock band, precursors of the so-called “Castilian rock”, which mixes rock with elements of Castilian folklore, such as the dulzaina and the pito castellano.

Ars Amandi is a Spanish heavy rock band that takes its name from Ars Amandi, a book about the art of love written by Ovid in 8 AD. The band was formed in 1996 in the Madrid neighbourhood of Carabanchel, which is always mentioned in their records and concerts. At first the group arises with the objective to play versions with friends and to have a good time without any other pretension. However, Dani Aller, the band’s founder, played wind instruments such as the dulzaina or the pito castellano from school, and decided to try them out in the songs.”

Download’s Info

Country: Spain
Genre(s): Heavy/Folk Metal/Rock
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 320 MB
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Ars Amandi’s Facebook

Ars Amandi’s RELEASES

2003 – Autóctono – 00:53:54
2004 – En Tierra Firme – 00:49:27
2005 – Camino al Destino – 00:55:17
2006 – Desterrado Entre Sueños – 00:46:25
2010 – El Rincón de los Deseos – 00:45:03
2015 – El Arte De Amar [EP] (192 kbps) – 00:19:57
2018 – Gritando al Mar [Single] – 00:04:14
2018 – Ábula [Single] – 00:05:16
2018 – Directo al Corazón – 01:50:32
2019 – En Tierra de Castillos – 00:49:32




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