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At Vance is a German power metal and neoclassical metal band. They were formed by vocalist Oliver Hartmann (ex-Centers) and guitarist Olaf Lenk (ex-Velvet Viper) in 1998.

With the combined credentials of vocalist Oliver Hartmann and guitarist Olaf Lenk on their résumés, At Vance easily secured a deal with Shark Records. Rainald König (guitar), Uli Müller (keyboards), Jochen Schnur (bass) and Spoony (drums) completed the lineup that recorded the 1999 debut of No Escape. European fans enjoyed it, and the group’s second release, Heart of Steel in 2000 (with new drummer Jurgen Lucas) was a surprise hit in Japan and encouraged At Vance to quickly release a sequel in 2001, Dragonchaser. Barely breathing, the following year the band switched to AFM Records, losing their bassist and keyboardist, releasing their fourth album Only Human, and then going on tour in Europe with Rhapsody and Angel Dust.

Download’s Info

Country: Germany
Genre(s): Neoclassical/Power Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 1.5 GB
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: At Vance’s FACEBOOK


1999 – No Escape [Japan SCCD-15] [+ European Bonus] [57:27]
2000 – Heart of Steel [Japan VICP-61046] [+ Russian Bonus] [53:48]
2001 – Dragonchaser [Japan VICP-61343] [53:48]
2002 – Only Human [Avalon MICP-10301] [01:08:12]
2003 – The Evil In You [CD -Maximum Ltd. CDM 0603-1420, Russia] [+ Japan Bonus] [01:08:51]
2005 – Chained [Japan MICP-10504] [+ European Bonus] [53:13]
2007 – VII [Japan MICP-10686] [51:06]
2009 – Ride The Sky [Japan MICP-10864] [54:05]
2010 – Decade [2CD] [02:31:23]
2012 – Facing Your Enemy [Korean Edition]




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One thought on “At Vance Discography (320kbps) [MEGA]

  1. …Meanwhile, in the comfort of my room, a shiver takes hold of my spine, the sonic power has left me with my mouth open and my eardrums pleasantly atrophied temporarily, I thought it was more of the same, a band of friends who want to contribute to the metal scene, something that rarely happens. And this was one of those occasions where the surprise blew my mind…”At Vance” they did. Honestly, when I listen to this powerful album, At Vance – Only Human I can’t forget the Ultra/Epic sound of Blind Guardian, who raises the bar very high with their song “Valhalla”, from 1989, maybe the lyrics between both bands are in the antipodes
    Which is super good, because “At Vance” is not a clone band… like so many that are left lying on the road, and I think I have the ear and the experience to have entered the world of Metal at 13 years old and today at my 50 years I think I have the authority to assure that, for me, Blind Guardian became the fucking masters in 1989 when they released the album “Follow the Blind”, and indeed it was so powerful in those years, that at the end of listening to track 8 “Valhalla” we grabbed whatever it was, a broom, a baseball bat, a branch, whatever… because we were going to confront Morgray, the Dark. Anyway, I met AT Vance a month ago, for a cover of a disco wave group, hahahaha, older than me, I liked the guitars of that cover and I investigated, and as I said: I got a very pleasant surprise, I hope they don’t change and continue to rise in the metal scene, greetings from Chile

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