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Ayreon is the flagship musical project by Dutch composer and multi-instrumentalist Arjen Anthony Lucassen.

The musical style of Ayreon draws mainly from heavy metal and progressive rock, but also incorporates aspects of other genres such as folk, classical and electronica, resulting in the unique “Ayreon sound.”

Most Ayreon albums are classified as “rock operas” due to their complex storylines that feature a host of characters, each of which is represented by a individual vocalist.

General Information

Country: Netherlands
Genre(s) Progressive Metal/Rock
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 4.33 GB (scans)
Container: RAR
Band’s Info: Ayreon Facebook

Ayreon’s Albums Mp3


1995 – The Final Experiment [2010, 2CD] (01:11:18+37:42)
1996 – Actual Fantasy (01:05:44)
1998 – Into The Electric Castle [2010, 2CD] (47:26+57:13)
2000 – Universal Migrator [2010, 2CD] (01:10:16+01:05:38)
2004 – Actual Fantasy (Revisited) (01:02:03)
2004 – The Human Equation [2010, 2CD] (50:49+51:36)
2008 – 01011001 [2CD] (50:14+52:03)
2013 – The Theory Of Everything [4CD] (45:00*2+44:56*2)
2017 – The Source (4CD) (44:10*2+44:31*2)
1998/2018 – Into The Electric Castle (20th Anniversary Edition Remix, 2CD) (01:44:45)

Singles & EP

2000 – Temple Of The Cat [EP] (18:08)
2004 – Day Eleven- Love (Single) (21:06)
2005 – Come Back To Me [CDS] (12:12)
2008 – Elected [EP] ()


2000 – Ayreonauts Only (01:02:23)
2008 – Timeline [3CD] (01:13:54+01:16:16+01:17:25)


2016 – The Theater Equation [2CD] (53:15+53:35)
2018 – Universe – Best Of Ayreon Live (2CD) (02:02:52)



Password: www.metalminos.net

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