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“bloodbound: [A term that originates from the dark ages when men would make an oath to each other called a “blood oath” where they would each cut their hands and then shake, mixing the blood. Each man then carries the other’s blood, linking the two, as blood brothers. A bloodbound can never be broken and will follow you into the afterlife and beyond…]

bloodbound was formed on midsummer’s eve 2004 by Fredrik Bergh (Bass, Keyboards & Backing vocals) and Tomas Olsson (Lead & Rhythm Guitars). The pair had been blood brothers for many years and they had been playing in bands together on and off since the early nineties. The two strong believers in heavy metal music had mutual respect for each others musical and songwriting abilities and set aim to create the best and true metal music that had ever been written! The musicians immediately started to write songs together and only in a couple of weeks several epic songs was written, and the beginning of something bigger than they could have imagined had started. Olsson and Bergh had definitely found a rare magic in the way they wrote, played and arranged the brand new material.”

General Information

Country: Sweden
Genre(s): Heavy/Power Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 1.23 GB
Container: RAR
Band’s Info: Bloodbound Facebook

Bloodbound’s Albums Mp3

2006 “Nosferatu” (00:53:29)
2007 “Book Of The Dead” [Japanese Edition] (00:59:46)
2009 “Tabula Rasa” [Japanese Edition] (00:43:48)
2011 “Unholy Cross” (00:50:46)
2012 “In The Name Of Metal” [Japanese Edition] (00:45:45)
2014 “Stormborn” [Japanese Edition] (00:55:54)
2016 “One Night Of Blood” [Live] (01:09:39)
2017 “War Of Dragons” [Limited Edition 2 CD] (01:43:42)
2019 “Rise Of The Dragon Empire” [Japanese Edition] (01:00:45)


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