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Strange and formidable things may grow from humble beginnings. Back in 1997, in a remote town of Joensuu, beyond the great vast forests of eastern Finland, some teenage metalheads got together to play loud and fierce music, drink beer and have fun. Little did they knew that two decades later they would be saluted as one of the spearheads of their genre, preparing to release their 8th studio album and embark on another world tour.

Intrepid black metallers Borknagar, in partnership with Century Media, mark their return with resplendent new album, True North. The Norwegians spent the better part of three years writing and rebuilding the lineup—Borknagar are now Øystein G. Brun (guitars), Simen “I.C.S. Vortex” Hestnæs (bass/vocals), Lars A. Nedland (keyboards/vocals), Bjørn Dugstad Rønnow (drums), and Jostein Thomassen (guitars)—to make their 11th studio album a reality. The reasons are plenty but the main driver for space between and change within Borknagar’s repertoire and membership was calibration. Chief songman Brun needed to refocus his labor of love after the assiduous Winter Thrice album cycle. Indeed, that’s exactly what he’s done on True North. While Winter Thrice was a celebration of time spent and bonds made, True North is the vanguard forward, clear-sighted, refined, and full of power. Truly, there’s no holding back now, but with year 25—the band’s silver anniversary.

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Country: Norway
Genre(s): Progressive Viking/Folk/Black Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 1.53 GB
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Borknagar’s Facebook

Borknagar’s RELEASES

Studio Albums

1996 – Borknagar – 00:44:13 – 320 Kbps
1997 – The Olden Domain – 00:44:34 – 320 Kbps
1998 – The Archaic Course – 00:37:45 – 320 Kbps
2000 – Quintessence – 00:43:29 – 320 Kbps
2001 – Empiricism – 00:50:07 – 320 Kbps
2004 – Epic – 00:57:54 – 320 Kbps
2006 – Origin – 00:35:58 – 320 Kbps
2010 – Universal (Limited Edition) – 00:54:44 – 320 Kbps
2012 – Urd (Limited Edition) – 01:05:41 – 320 Kbps
2016 – Winter Thrice (Limited Edition) – 00:56:56 – 320 Kbps
2019 – True North (Limited Edition) – 01:12:14 – 320 kbps
2021 – Borknagar (25th Anniversary Edition) – 2CD – 00:44:45 + 01:00:15 – 320 kbps


2008 – For The Elements 1996 – 2006 (Compilation) – 01:30:31 – 320 Kbps





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