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“Formed in 1994, BURDEN OF GRIEF are – besides Night In Wales – considered to be the pioneers of melodic death metal “made in Germany”. They released two self-released EPs, which earned them the interest not only of fans but also of record companies. Andy Siry, Nuclear Blast’s A&R manager, recognized the band’s potential and offered BURDEN OF GRIEF a record deal with their own label Grind Syndicate Media, where the first two EPs were re-released as “Haunting Requiems” in 2000.

The first appearances in big festivals like Party.San Open Air or Wave-Gotik-Treffen followed in the same year. BURDEN OF GRIEF never felt comfortable with the “Melodic Death Metal” label, however, and their second album, “On Darker Trails”, offered even more thrash elements than was and is common in the classic Gothenburg sound. The melodic parts are rooted in a penchant for classic metal bands like Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. BURDEN OF GRIEF actively pursue this claim until today, which is shown in their now 7 albums and numerous live concerts all over Europe. Consistency on the one hand, because the band refuses to follow passing trends, and improvement and progress on the other hand, because the band continues to advance musically – this is what defines BURDEN OF GRIEF.”

Download’s Info

Country: Germany
Genre(s): Melodic Death Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 952 MB
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Burden of Grief’s FACEBOOK

Burden of Grief’s RELEASES

1997 Above Twilight Wings (demo) ;00:21:00 ;320 kbps
1999 Eternal Solar Eclipse (demo) ;00:27:22 ;256 kbps
2000 Haunting Requiems ;00:48:16 ;320 kbps
2001 On Darker Trails ;00:39:11 ;320 kbps
2003 Fields Of Salvation ;00:39:55 ;320 kbps
2007 Death End Road ;00:53:56 ;320 kbps
2010 Follow The Flames ;00:42:52+00:34:07 ;320 kbps
2014 Unchained ;00:39:48 ;320 kbps
2018 Eye Of The Storm ;00:42:54 ;320 kbps



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