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Carach Angren is a symphonic black metal band from the Netherlands, formed by two members of the now-defunct bands Inger Indolia and Vaultage. They have three steady members with previously frequent guest appearances for the violin parts. Their style is characterized by prominent use of orchestral arrangements. All of their studio albums are concept albums with lyrics based on ghost stories and folk lore, such as Flying Dutchman. They set themselves apart from other symphonic black metal artists in showcasing songs often using multiple languages apart from English, such as French, German and Dutch, though every song does use English as a baseline and certain choruses or sections will make the transition.

The name means “Iron Jaws” in the Elvish language of Sindarin, and is the name of a fortified pass into North-Western Mordor in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.

Download’s Info

Country: Netherlands
Genre(s); Symphonic Black Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 700MB (scans)
Length: 05:33:07
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Carach Angren Facebook


2004 – The Chase Vault Tragedy (Demo) (320kbps)
2005 – Ethereal Veiled Existence (EP) (256kbps)
2008 (2013) – Lammendam (Reissue) (320 kbps)
2010 (2013) – Death Came Through A Phantom Ship (Reissue) (320 kbps)
2012 – Where The Corpses Sink Forever (Limited Edition) (320 kbps)
2015 – This Is No Fairytale (Collectors Edition) (320 kbps)
2017 – Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten (Deluxe Edition) (320 kbps)
2020 – Franckensteina Strataemontanus (Limited Edition) (320 kbps)





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