Ensiferum Discography (320kbps) [MEGA]

DOWNLOAD Ensiferum Discography 320kbps (2004 – 2020) MEGA Band’s Info The band name is Latin for “sword bearing” or “sword bearer”. It is the neuter form of “ēnsifer”, “ēnsis” being a third declension noun meaning “sword” and “-fer” a suffix signifying the carrying/bearing of the noun it modifies (cf. the verb “ferre”). Markus Toivonen found […]

Vanir – Sagas 320 kbps (2022)

Get for free the Album Vanir – Sagas 320 kbps here on Metalminos. i provide mega links, but also try to download from the server Rapidgator, ddownload or other mirrors to help the site, \m/. Download Vanir – Sagas 320 kbps (2022) [RAPIDGATOR MEGA DDOWNLOAD] General Information Country: Denmark Genre(s): Viking/Folk Metal Format: MP3 Bitrate: […]