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When a highly influential, even legendary, band disappears to surface again after 20 years and then gets an overwhelming response, we want to know their story. What happened? Why are they coming back now? What is their new music like?

Heavily rooted in hard rock and metal from the 70s forward, the band has always introduced influences from other genres and mixed a heavy groove with musical excellence. This particular brew attracted a large, and loyal fanbase.

Guitarist Tore Østby, bassist Ingar Amlien and drummer Arve Heimdal started out and felt they had something special in their foundation, so they went looking for a singer that would complete the band and their sound. A mutual friend recommended Roy Khan, and he remembers the encounter as a turning point for him:.

Download’s Info

Country: Norway
Genre(s): Progressive/Power Metal Hard Rock
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 858 MB
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Conception’s FACEBOOK

Conception’s RELEASES

1991 – The Last Sunset

1. Prevision
2. Building A Force
3. War Of Hate
4. Bowed Down With Sorrow
5. Fairy´s Dance
6. Another World
7. Elegy 01:55
8. The Last Sunset
9. Live To Survive
10. Among The Gods

1993 – Parallel Minds

1. Water Confines
2. Roll The Fire
3. And I Close My Eyes
4. Silent Crying
5. Parallel Minds
6. Silver Shine
7. My Decision
8. The Promiser
9. Wolf´s Lair
10. Soliloquy

1995 – In Your Multitude

1. Under a Mourning Star
2. Missionary Man
3. Retrospect
4. Guilt
5. Sanctuary
6. A Million Gods
7. Some Wounds
8. Carnal Comprehension
9. Solar Serpent
10. In Your Multitude
11. Gravity (Japanese Bonus)

1997 – Flow

1 Gethsemane
2 Angel (Come Walk With Me)
3 A Virtual Lovestory
4 Flow
5 Cry
6 Reach Out
7 Tell Me When I’m Gone
8 Hold On
9 Cardinal Sin
10 Would It Be The Same
11 Hand On Heart

2018 – Re:Conception (Single)

1. Re:Conception 01:08
2. Grand Again 04:00
3. Feather Moves 06:03

2018 – My Dark Symphony

01 – Reconception (00:01:08)
02 – Grand Again (00:04:00)
03 – Into The Wild (00:05:21)
04 – Quite Alright (00:04:33)
05 – The Moment (00:05:27)
06 – My Dark Symphony (00:06:12)




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