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About The Band

Coronatus is a German symphonic metal band, formed in Ludwigsburg, Germany in 1999.

Fronted by two female singers with contrasting voices and styles, the band has released eight studio albums since 2007. Recreatio Carminis and Secrets of Nature are the only albums so far to feature three female singers.

Founded in 1999 by vocalist Georgios Grigoriadis and drummer Mats Kurth, Coronatus released its debut single Von Engeln nur in 2002. In 2004, Grigoriadis left, and was replaced by not one but two singers, Carmen R. Schäfer and Viola Schuch. The permanent line-up was expanded in 2006 with the addition of guitarist Stefan Häfele, bassist Wolle Nillies and keyboardist Fabian Merkt.

Chriz diAnno (bass) has played with the band in 2003, 2005–2006, and then again since 2007. Ada Flechtner left the band to devote full attention to her studies, but joined the German symphonic metal band Voices of Destiny in 2013, after that their lead vocalist Maike Holzmann departed.

Download’s Info

Country: Germany
Genre(s): Symphonic Gothic Metal / Folk Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 1.08GB (scans)
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Coronatus Metallum

Coronatus’s RELEASES

2007 – Lux Noctis (39:36)
2008 – Porta Obscura (Limited Edition) (54:39)
2009 – Fabula Magna (Limited Edition) (59:28)
2011 – Terra Incognita (Limited Edition) (58:01)
2013 – Recreatio Carminis (Limited Edition) (47:46)
2014 – Cantus Lucidus (Limited Edition) (51:51)
2015 – Raben Im Herz (Limited Edition) (51:49/28:33)
2017 – Secrets Of Nature (Limited Edition) (43:25/43:25)



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