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Cradle of Filth’s first album was actually supposed to be Goetia, which was recorded between their second and third demo releases, but it was never released due to funding problems and the eventual shutdown of the label Tombstone Records. Almost all of the original studio tapes were erased when the label could not afford to pay the studio. The official re-release of the following Total Fucking Darkness demo in 2014 includes the only surviving track of the Goetia sessions, “Spattered in Faeces”.

After the release of the debut album, The Principle of Evil Made Flesh, the band began recording Dusk and Her Embrace as the immediate follow-up, but ceased due to disputes with Cacophonous Records. In the end, the band split in two, as Paul Allender and the Ryan brothers departed to form The Blood Divine, and the new Cradle of Filth line-up swiftly recorded the V Empire to fulfill their contract. Dusk and Her Embrace was then recorded from scratch by the new line-up.

Dani Filth appeared in the movie Cradle of Fear and has appeared on the MTV show Viva La Bam. Cradle of Filth performed later in that same episode. .

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Country: United Kingdom
Genre(s): Symphonic Black Metal (before), Extreme Gothic Metal (later)
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 5.1GB (scans)
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Cradle of Filth Facebook

Cradle of Filth’s RELEASES


1992 – A Pungent And Sexual Miasma (Split Tape) (320 kbps)
1992 – Invoking the Unclean (Demo) (192 kbps)
1992 – Orgiastic Pleasures Foul (Demo) (128 kbps)
1992 – The Black Goddess Rises (Demo) (128 kbps=)

Studio Albums

1994 – The Principle of Evil Made Flesh (320 kbps)
1996 (2001) – Dusk… And Her Embrace (Japanese Edition) (320 kbps)
1998 – Cruelty And The Beast (Extended Edition) (320 kbps) (2CD)
2000 – Midian (Limited Edition) (320 kbps)
2003 – Damnation And A Day (320 kbps)
2004 (2005) – Nymphetamine (Special Edition) (320 kbps)(2CD)
2006 (2008) – Harder, Darker, Faster: Thornography Deluxe (320 kbps)
2008 – Godspeed On The Devil’s Thunder (Special Edition) (320 kbps) (2CD)
2008 – Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa (Limited Fans’ Edition) (320 kbps) (2CD)
2012 (2013) – The Manticore And Other Horrors (Extended Claws Edition) (320 kbps)
2015 – Hammer Of The Witches (Limited Edition) (320 kbps)
2016 – Dusk… And Her Embrace – The Original Sin (320 kbps)
2017 – Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of Decay (Limited Edition) (320 kbps)


2002 – Lovecraft & Witch Hearts (Compilation) (320 kbps) (2CD)
2012 – Midnight In The Labyrinth (Compilation) (320 kbps) (2CD)
2014 – Total Fucking Darkness (Compilation) (320 kbps)

Live Albums

2002 – Live Bait For The Dead (Live) (320 kbps) (2CD)
2007 – Eleven Burial Masses (Live) (320 kbps)

Singles & EPs

1996 – Vempire Or Dark Faerytales In Phallustein (EP) (320 kbps)
1998 – Twisted Nails Of Faith (320 kbps)
1999 – From The Cradle To Enslave (EP) (320 kbps)
2000 – Her Ghost In The Fog (Single) (192 kbps)
2001 – Bitter Suites To Succubi (EP) (320 kbps)
2002 – No Time To Cry (Single) (320 kbps)
2003 – Babylon A.D. (Single) (192 kbps)
2002 – Honey And Sulphur (Single) (320 kbps)
2011 – Evermore Darkly (EP) (320 kbps)

Unofficial Releases

1997 – Sodomizing The Virgin Vamps (Unofficial Compilation) (320 kbps)
2001 – RareDaemonAeon (Unofficial Compilation) (320 kbps)



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