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“Naturalness within unnaturalness, or the gathering between sorrow and ecstasy”

From various ways of musical expressions, Dark Mirror ov Tragedy themes and stands for spontaneous minor key melodies which will deeply incite the listener’s sensitivity. Eluding from the existing local music standards, their breaking and mixing music style is not to be judged easily. Bands with all similar ‘good to listen’ music with a bit of inclination to experimental and progressiveness might be recognized for their rarity, But further to this to incite and stimulate a listener’s mind, a strong creative basis is needed. Fortunately, Dark Mirror ov Tragedy, even though is not all matured, with flashing musical sense and outstanding song-writing capability of its members is to paid close attention in its evolving course.

General Information

Country: South Korea
Genre(s): Symphonic Black/Gothic/Death Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 2.57 GB
Container: RAR
Band’s Info: Dark Mirror ov Tragedy Facebook

Dark Mirror ov Tragedy’s Albums Mp3

2004 -Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy

01. Come Across
02. Perfume Of Death
03. Iced Place
04. Nothing…
05. Attempt Suicide
06. Through The Mist That Reigns
07. Possession (Lord Of Shadow Pt. I)

2009 – The Pregnant Of Despair

01. The Fomative Period (02:39)
02. Ashen Requiem, A Dirgeful Grace (10:01)
03. Mournful Death To Everyone (11:35)
04. Proceeding Into Somewhere (01:21)
05. Angel’s Ascension (08:46)
06. Blood Embracing Stigma (06:29)
07. The Inevitable Gash (05:01)
08. Feed The Fire In A Blind Alley (07:37)
09. Prelude For The Sphere (04:40)
10. The Pregnant Of Despair (Lord Of Shadows Part2) (15:39)

2010 – Under A Withered Branch [EP]

01. Crypts Of Eternity (Slayer cover)
02. Perfume Of Death (Atmospheric Conversion)
03. In The Anguish Of Calm (Re Attempt Suicide)
04. Through The Mist That Reigns (Atmospheric Conversion)
05. When The Cape Of Heaven Appears

2018 – The Lord ov Shadows

01. Chapter I. Creation of the Alter Self (2:39)
02. Chapter II. Possession (8:05)
03. Chapter III. The Annunciation in Lust (13:26)
04. Chapter IV. Acquainted with the Nocturnal Devastation (2:02)
05. Chapter V. I Am the Lord ov Shadows (20:46)



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