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DOWNLOAD Devil Doll Discography (Discografía) 320kbps (1989 – 1996) MEGA


According to the official fanclub, there are several unreleased Devil Doll albums, including full-length versions of the tracks from “Eliogabalus”, an alternate version of “Dies Irae” that was lost in a fire at the Tuba Studio, and a 1987 LP called “Mark of the Beast”. There is no way to verify this information, but it’s canon nonetheless and may be of interest to the reader.

In an interview with Burrn Magazine on October 10 2008, Mr. Doctor revealed that he is still writing and recording Devil Doll music, but has no interest in releasing it.

General Information

Country: International
Genre(s): Avant-garde/Symphonic/Progressive with Rock and Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 712 MB
Container: RAR
Band’s Info: Devil Doll Home

Devil Doll’s Albums Mp3

1989 – The Girl Who Was… Death (1:06:06)

01. The Girl Who Was… Death

1990 – Eliogabalus (0:45:01)

01. Mr. Doctor
02. Eliogabalus

1992 – Sacrilegium (1:09:21)

01. Sacrilegium (0:58:56)

1993 – The Sacrilege Of Fatal Arms

01. The Sacrilege Of Fatal Arms

1996 – Dies Irae (1:12:00)

01. Dies Irae Part 1
02. Dies Irae Part 2
03. Dies Irae Part 3
04. Dies Irae Part 4
05. Dies Irae Part 5
06. Dies Irae Part 6
07. Dies Irae Part 7
08. Dies Irae Part 8
09. Dies Irae Part 9
10. Dies Irae Part 10
11. Dies Irae Part 11
12. Dies Irae Part 12
13. Dies Irae Part 13
14. Dies Irae Part 14
15. Dies Irae Part 15
16. Dies Irae Part 16
17. Untitled
18. Untitled




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