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“Dimmu Borgir’s latest DVD and VHS version “World Misanthrofy” is actually a pretty good buy even though Amazon.com … gives you the cheaper version that dosen’t fold out into an inverted cross and dosen’t come with the BONUS CD!!! But it is still worth the cash when you weigh the pro’s and con’s.It is really dissaponting that the majority of the songs were off the new album “Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia” only because when they perfrom these songs live the keyboard effects just let you down, there is no orechstral aspect to this DVD unlike the CD.But the video quality is pretty good and the sound quality is also decent.

The DVD does give you a deeper look into the band members lives which is really cool because these guys are really … cool, but watch out for the interview with Shagrath after “Indoctrination” he dosen’t speak English that well.Any devoted fan to Dimmu Borgir should surely should own this.”

Download’s Info

Country: Norway
Genre(s): Symphonic Black Metal
Format: .VOB
Quality: DVD9
Video: MPEG-2, 720×480 px, (4:3), 8600 kbps (VBR), 29.97 fps 4571-5175 (7500 kbps
Audio 1: AC3, 384 kbps (CBR), 48.0 kHz, 2 ch
Size: 9.33 GB
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Dimmu Borgir’s Spotify

Dimmu’s Show Traclist

Disc 1

1. Blessings upon the Throne of Tyranny (Including Studio and Rehearsal Room Home Material)
2. The Blazing Monoliths of Defiance (Including Interview with Silenoz and Metal Odyssey Backstage Material)
3. Indoctrination (Including Interview with Shagrath and US Tour Backstage Material) 06:10 Show lyrics
4. The Insight and the Catharsis (Including Interview with Vortex and Metal Massacre Tour Backstage Material)
5. Puritania (Including Mind over Matter Backstage Material)
6. Tormentor of Christian Souls (Including Interview with Nicholas and Japan Home & Backstage Material)
7. Kings of the Carnival Creation (Including Interview with Mustis)
8. The Maelstrom Mephisto (Including Interview with Galder and South American Behind-the-Scenes Footage)
9. Tormentor of Christian Souls
10. The Blazing Monoliths of Defiance
11. The Insight and the Catharsis
12. The Maelstrom Mephisto
13. Blessings upon the Throne of Tyranny
14. Kings of the Carnival Creation
15. Puritania
16. Indoctrination

Disc 2

1. Stormblåst
2. Entrance
3. Hunnerkongens sorgsvarte ferd over steppene
4. Alt lys er svunnet hen
5. Spellbound (By the Devil)
6. Arcane Lifeforce Mysteria
7. Puritania

Dimmu Borgirs - Wold Misanthropy DVD X 2 SCREENSHOTS


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