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Dreams of Sanity was an Austrian female fronted progressive-metal band which released three quality albums during their existence. The band first released two demos in 1994 and 1996, and by 1997 they released their studio album called “Komödia” on the Hall of Sermon label which was to release all three of their albums. Each one of their 3 albums is a concept album. The first “Komödia” is based on Dante Alighieri’s “The Divine Comedy”. The second, “Masquerade” is based on “The Phantom of The Opera”. And the third entitled “The Game” is a concept they developed about the game of life.

General Information

Country: Austria
Genre(s): Symphonic Gothic Metal/Rock
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 251 MB
Container: RAR
Band’s Info: Dreams of Sanity Facebook (FANPAGE)

Dreams of Sanity’s Albums Mp3

(1994) Demo 94 (192-320 kbps)

01 Iceland Finale
02 Song Of The Legions
03 Depressions
04 Treesitter
05 The Old Diary
06 Dead
07 Basic Instincts

(1997) Komodia (320 kbps)

01 Komodia I – The Beginning
02 Beatrice
03 Komodia II – The Dream
04 Komodia III – The Meeting
05 Komodia IV – The Ending
06 The Prophet
07 Treesitter
08 Blade Of Doom

(1999) Live In Mexico ’99 (192-320 kbps)

01 Intro, Within The Dragon
02 Blade Of Doom
03 Masquerade Part 1
04 Masquerade Interlude
05 The Maiden And The River
06 Komodia III
07 Treesitter
08 Fomodia I
09 Lost Paradise 99
10 Blade Of Doom
11 Masquerade Part 1

(1999) Masquerade (320 kbps)

01 Opera
02 The Phantom Of The Opera
03 Masquerade Act 1
04 Masquerade Act 2
05 Masquerade – Interlude
06 Masquerade Act 3
07 Masquerade Act 4
08 Within (The Dragon)
09 The Maiden And The River
10 Lost Paradise ’99

(2000) The Game (320 kbps)

01 In…
02 The Creature That You Came To See
03 Time To Set The Stones
04 The Beginning That Lies
05 The Empress – Through The Looking Glass (A Dream)
06 Window To The Sky
07 And So (I Walk On)
08 We.ll.sea
09 The Creature That You Came To See … Reprise
10 … Finity


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