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Dynazty has earned international acclaim and achieved notable positions in the national charts with their more traditional hard rock album Knock You Down and its successor Sultans Of Sin. The criminal Renatus, who was overlooked, saw the band shed its old school melodic hard rock skin for a more modern, more defined and more addictive sound. For his Latin name, Renatus saw the band’s sound intensify with an arsenal of Olsson & Egg’s fast rhythms, Lavér and Magnusson’s machine gun riffs, Molin’s ever-rising vocals and huge choruses that stuck to your head like horseflies and featured melodic hookup lines that lesser bands would die for having written. Paired with massive arrangements, Renatus was an album that most bands never managed to write about. However, somehow it managed to fly under the radar. – Dynazty Discography

Download’s Info

Country: Sweden
Genre(s): Heavy/Power Metal, Hard Rock
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 905 MB
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Dynazty’s Myspace

Dynazty’s RELEASES

2009 – Bring The Thunder

01. Bring The Thunder
02. Catch The Night
03. Lights Out (In Candyland)
04. Far Away
05. Top Of The Line
06. Monkey Wants, Monkey Needs
07. Adrenaline
08. Take Me Down
09. The Devil’s Shake
10. Higher N’ Higher
11. Sail Away (Bonus Track)

2011 – Knock You Down

01. Sleeping With The Enemy
02. Get It On
03. Mr. Money
04. Throne Of China
05. The Devil’s Playground
06. Brand New Day
07. Hunger For Love
08. Knock You Down
09. New Sensation
10. Wild Nights
11. The Great Delusion
12. Too Much Is Not Enough (Japanese Bonus Track)
13. One In A Million (Japanese Bonus Track)
14. Stand As One (Japanese Bonus Track)
15. This Is My Life (European Bonus Track)
16. A Girl Like You (European Bonus Track)

2012 – Sultans Of Sin

01. Come Alive
02. Raise Your Hands
03. Land Of Broken Dreams
04. Falling
05. More Than A Man
06. Love Junkie
07. The One To Blame
08. Back Again
09. Bastards Of Rock & Roll
10. Sultans Of Sin

2014 – Renatus

01. Cross The Line
02. Starlight
03. Dawn Of Your Creation
04. The Northern End
05. Incarnation
06. Run Amok
07. Unholy Deterrent
08. Sunrise In Hell
09. Salvation
10. A Divine Comedy
11. Bring The Thunder (Japanese Bonus Track)

2016 – Titanic Mass

01. The Human Paradox
02. Untamer of Your Soul
03. Roar of the Underdog
04. Titanic Mass
05. Keys to Paradise
06. I Want to Live Forever
07. The Beast Inside
08. Break into the Wild
09. Crack in the Shell
10. Free Man’s Anthem
11. The Smoking Gun

2018 – Firesign

01. Breathe With Me
02. The Grey
03. In The Arms Of A Devil
04. My Darkest Hour
05. Ascension
06. Firesign
07. Closing Doors
08. Follow Me
09. Let Me Dream Forever
10. Starfall
11. The Light Inside The Tunnel
12. Prestige (Japanese Bonus Track)

2020 – The Dark Delight

01. Presence Of Mind
02. Paradise Of The Architect
03. The Black
04. From Sound To Silence (Feat. GG6)
05. Hologram
06. Heartless Madness
07. Waterfall
08. Threading The Needle
09. The Man And The Elements
10. Apex
11. The Road To Redemption
12. The Dark Delight
13. The Shoulder Devil (Bonus Track)





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