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Eleine Discography Download MP3 320 kbps (2015 – 2023) MEGA


His Bandcamp says: Heavier metal, beautiful symphonies and a captivating live show.

Since the release of their debut album in 2015, and sophomore album ”Until The End” in 2018, which placed #1 on the Swedish sales charts, they’ve been touring Sweden, Europe, Japan and UK, as their own headline shows and as support to bands like W.A.S.P., Moonspell and Arch Enemy.

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Genre(s): Symphonic Metal
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2015 – Eleine:

01. Land Beyond Sanity
02. Destiny
03. Gathering Storm
04. Devotion
05. Turn To Dust
06. A Glimpse Of Hope
07. A Sin
08. Death Incarnate

2016 – Break Take Live (Single):

01. Break Take Live (Single Version)
02. Break Take Live (Radio Edit)

2018 – Until The End (Japanese Edition):

01. Story Untold
02. Echoes
03. Sanity
04. From The Grave
05. Whisper My Child
06. Until The End
07. Please
08. Another Rite
09. Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die)
10. Prelude: Arise
11. Break Take Live
12. Story Untold (Symphonic Version) (Bonus Track)

2019 – All Shall Burn (EP):

01. Enemies
02. All Shall Burn
03. Mein Herz brennt
04. Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die) (Symphonic Version)
05. All Shall Burn (Symphonic Version)

2020 – Dancing in Hell:

01. Enemies
02. Dancing in Hell
03. Ava of Death
04. Crawl from the Ashes
05. As I Breathe
06. Memoriam
07. Where Your Rotting Corpse Lie (W.Y.R.C.L.)
08. All Shall Burn
09. Die from Within
10. The World We Knew
11. Die from Within (Symphonic Version)

2021 – Die from Within (Single):

01. Die from Within
02. The World We Knew
03. Die from Within (Symphonic Version)
04. Story Untold (Symphonic Version)

2022 – Acoustic in Hell (EP):

01. Whisper My Child (Acoustic)
02. Enemies (Acoustic)
03. Memoriam (Acoustic)
04. Ava Of Death (Acoustic)
05. All Shall Burn (Acoustic)
06. Death Incarnate (Acoustic)
07. Break Take Live (Acoustic)
08. Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die) (Acoustic)

2023 – We Shall Remain:

01. Never Forget
02. Stand By The Flame
03. We Are Legion
04. Promise Of Apocalypse
05. Blood In Their Eyes
06. Vemod
07. Through The Mist
08. Suffering
09. War Das Alles
10. We Shall Remain

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