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1997: formed by Martin Wiese and Florian Dammasch (aka Alboin)
1997: release of the selftitled demo which is soon sold out
1998: a second demo called “Nachtgedanken” is recorded
1999: “Nachtgedanken” is released as the debut album on CCP Rec.
2000: “Abschiedsreigen”, the second album, is released by CCP Rec.
2001: “Der Tag zur Nacht sich senkt…”, a 10″ MLP with old material recorded in late 1997, is released by Ketzer Productions
2002: the third album “Seelenspiegel” is released on code666
2004: “Gradwanderer”, the fourth album, is released on code666
2004: ENID wents on a six year lasting hiatus
2010: recordings to a fifth album start with completely new musicians and are finished in November
2011: ENID is looking for a label to release the album

Download’s Info

Country: Germany
Genre(s): Medieval/Symphonic Black Metal/Dark Ambient
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 682 Megabytes
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Enid’s Facebook


1997 – Enid [demo] / cbr 128 kbps

1.Satan And Candida (Intro)
2.An Myrrddhin
4.Enid (Instrumental)
5.Nahe Avalon (Summoning cover – “Passing Of The Grey Company”)

1999 – Nachtgedanken

01-Silentium Obscuritate (1:11)
02-Institutio Immortales (8:29)
03-Of Wisdom’s Shadows (6:17)
04-Aurora (6:31)
05-Nachtgedanken (9:26)
06-Art Of The Blacksmith (4:28)
07-Nebelthron (2:02)
08-Intransitority (7:28)

2000 – Abschiedsreigen / 320 kbps

01-Erinnerungen (7:13)
02-Weg Der Weisung (5:34)
03-Reverie Of Youth In Spheres Of Dream (7:32)
04-Meer Der Einsamkeit (7:40)
05-Zug Der Vergessenen Reiter (8:13)
06-Bondage’s Coronation (6:11)
07-Herbststurm (3:56)
08-Whispering Of Good-bye (5:29)

2001 – Der Tag Zur Nacht Sich Senkt… [ep] / cbr 192 kbps

1.Darkness Closing In
2.Der Tag Zur Nacht Sich Senkt…
4.Crush Of Death (Mayhem Cover)

2002 – Seelenspiegel

01-Soulglass (2:40)
02-Land Of The Lost (5:09)
03-Nexus (4:45)
04-Patience’s Ring (6:42)
05-Interlude (2:37)
06-The Forbidden Site (6:58)
07-And Soon Will Fall The Days… (6:03)
08-Seelenfrieden (2:48)
09-Helios’ Niedergang (7:56)

2004 – Gradwanderer

01-Chimera (5:54)
02-An Ode To The Forlorn (7:13)
03-Silent Stage (4:38)
04-Gradwanderer (6:33)
05-Die Seelensteine (15:52)
06-When The Last Glow Flies (5:12)
07-Exemption (5:03)
08-The Burning Of The Sea (8:34)
09-Herbststurm (3:53)

2011 – Munsalvaesche

01. Red Knight 05:36
02. Legends From The Storm 07:25
03. Belrapeire 05:58
04. Munsalvaesche 10:54
05. Condwiramurs 05:27
06. The Journey 06:09
07. Valley Under Two Suns 04:41
08. Sheafs Of Sparks 05:47




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