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Band’s Info

The band name is Latin for “sword bearing” or “sword bearer”. It is the neuter form of “ēnsifer”, “ēnsis” being a third declension noun meaning “sword” and “-fer” a suffix signifying the carrying/bearing of the noun it modifies (cf. the verb “ferre”). Markus Toivonen found the word in a Latin dictionary when the band were starting out and decided it was an ideal name.

Ensiferum were founded as a three-piece by Markus Toivonen, Sauli Savolainen and Kimmo Miettinen. They began mostly as a cover band before persuading Jari Mäenpää to join as vocalist and second guitarist a year later.

Frontman Jari Mäenpää quit in 2004 after creating his own project, Wintersun. Studio time for Wintersun recordings clashed with an Ensiferum tour, so Mäenpää quit Ensiferum. Petri Lindroos of Norther was brought in initially to cover for live dates and eventually agreed to join permanently. At this point the band’s vocal duties were split as Lindroos performed only the harsh singing while Markus Toivonen and Sami Hinkka took over the clean vocals. Toivonen is now the only founding member left in the band.

Markus Toivonen never played in Scent of Flesh – there are two different persons with the same name.

Download’s Info

Country: Finland
Genre(s); Viking/Folk Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 2.6GB (scans)
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Ensiferum Metallum

Ensiferum Discografía CONTENT

1997 – Demo I 00:17:15
1999 – Demo II 00:16:06
1999 – Hero In A Dream [Demo] 00:17:05
2001 – Ensiferum 00:55:02
2004 – Iron [Limited Edition] 00:54:01
2004 – Tale Of Revenge* 00:09:45
2005 – 1997-1999 00:50:30
2006 – 10th Anniversary Live 01:41:30
2006 – Dragonheads 00:25:59
2007 – One More Magic Potion 00:09:56
2007 – Victory Songs [Limited Edition] 00:59:59
2007 – Victory Songs [LP] 00:49:56
2009 – From Afar | Into Hiding 00:08:43
2009 – From Afar [Limited Edition] 01:00:29
2009 – From Afar [LP] 00:56:44
2012 – Unsung Heroes [Limited Edition] 01:05:11
2012 – Unsung Heroes [LP] 01:01:25
2014 – Ensiferum [LP] 2LP 01:01:46
2014 – Iron [LP] 00:48:36
2014 – Suomi Warmetal 00:13:16
2015 – One Man Army [Limited Edition] 2CD 01:07:21
2016 – Two Decades Of Greatest Sword Hits (Compilation)
2017 – Two Paths (2 CDS)



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