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EVOKEN was formed in April of 1992 by guitarist Nick Orlando under the name FUNEREUS. After rehearsing with various local musicians for a brief period, guitarist Phil Wilson & bassist/vocalist Rob Robichaud joined the band. Still needing a drummer, ex Body Of Christ drummer Vince Verkay was asked to join in June of 1992. With the lineup now complete, the band recorded their first two song rehearsal demo in July of 1992. This line up continued rehearsing into the early stages of 1993. It was at this point in time when the band decided to change their name to ASMODEUS.

Unfortunately, the next year and a half would come to be the band’s most difficult period as both Rob & Phil decided to leave. Faced with ending the band due to a lack of interested musicians, Nick & Vince kept the band afloat by rehearsing new material. Finally, in August of 1994, the band came upon ex Grim Legion guitarist/vocalist John Paradiso & bassist Bill Manley through ads placed in a local paper. With a new start and a new lineup, the band decided once again to change their name..for good..to EVOKEN. It was with this lineup that the band recorded their 2nd demo “Shades Of Night Descending” in October of 1994. It received great response and would eventually be re-released by Adipocere Records of France in 1996.

Download’s Info

Country: United States
Genre(s): Funeral Doom/Death Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 1.45 GB
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Evoken’s Facebook


Demo and Promo

1994 Shades of Night Descending (demo) [00:34:28] (320 kbps)
1996 Promo [00:26:40] (192 kbps)
1997 Promo [00:11:46] (192 kbps)
2002 Promo [00:52:58] (188 kbps)


1998 Embrace The Emptiness [01:10:34] (320 kbps)
2001 Quietus [01:03:29] (320 kbps)
2005 The Antithesis of Light [01:11:41] (320 kbps)
2007 A Caress Of The Void [01:01:41] (320 kbps)
2012 Atra Mors [01:07:15] (320 kbps)
2018 – Hypnagogia [01:00:16] (320 kbps)


1994 Shades Of Night Descending (demo, remastered 2009) [01:13:07] (320 kbps)
2010 Split Beneath the Frozen Soil / Evoken [01:04:06] (320 kbps)
2012 Rotting Misery (Single) [00:06:45] (192 kbps)




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