FAQ (frequently asked question) or things you do no ask but may be helpful

1.- How to download from site?

Theres two options for download from metalminos: a) Google Drive b) Mirrors

Google Drive links are accessed through a shortener link service then will lead you to a Safelinking page, after that you just need to click the CNL2 button while you have Jdownloader 2 open.

Mirrors: Mirror wont need JD2 for download. Mirrors are from very different filehosters, mostly mirrored.to (multiple filehosting at time) uptobox, zippyshare, userscloud etc.

to download from mirror you will need to go through a link shortener, then if theres more than one link you lead to binbox, where you can see the links.

Be sure your always on page, sometimes ads will prompt u on an ad, just close it and complete the captchas

click here for more info: https://metalminos.net/how-to-download-metal/

2: Why you use these link shorteners?

a: to protect my links on google drive plus the JD2 helps to keep the links alive for years? Mirrors wont last cause they expire if theres not download of the file after 30 to 90 days.

b: A lil income, the money i get its just not a big deal, but will help to pay the host, the google drive accounts, i still have to pay the server from my pocket. hope some day it will pay itself with link shorts and some adds


Follow two simple tips and everything will be fine:

1: Never install .exe files or browser from ads (if ever happens)

2: Before joining a site promoted through ads, do a research about it.

3: Do yo accept donations?

Currently no, but maybe soon i will give you an adress to donate me through virtual coins like bitcoin, etherum etc.

4: Do you like all the music you post here?

OFC NOT, sometines are request to serve, sometimes i just wanna give wehat my visitors like.

5. Can i post uploads on your site?

No bro, sorry, this time its just me at my pace. I wont say i will never accept help, though

6: Your links wont work bruh, give me a refund?

Meh, sometimes people just dont known how to download, check FAQ 1: f you still cant download, just leave a message and will do the reupload. Please not mirrors are “extra” it means for me to reupload the conntent you want please use google drive mirror instead of asking me for a reup.

8. I found an error on the site, a category, a post, a page what can i do?

Thanks for your help i really appreciate these things, just post a message on this post.