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Firewind began as more of a showcase than a band. After dropping out of musical college in the USA, the young Greek guitarist Kostas Karamitroudis recorded a full-length demo with the help of friends to display his guitar skills to potential labels. The name ‘FireWind’ – derived from the album “Fire Wind” by Uli Jon Roth’s Electric Sun – was used to market the demo, called “Nocturnal Symphony.”

The demo attracted some attention from legendary shredder David T. Chastain, who showed interest in releasing music through his label Leviathan Records, but encouraged Kostas, now using the name Gus G., to continue working on his songwriting.

Future releases as Firewind were put on the back burner as Gus founded Dream Evil with Fredrik Nordström and was offered positions in Nightrage and – through Chastain – Mystic Prophecy. While recording debut albums and demos with these bands, Gus had remained in touch with Leviathan about recording an album where he would write all the music, and an agreement was eventually reached.

Band Lineup:

Gus G.: Guitars (1998-present), Keyboards (1998-2004)
Petros Christo: Bass (2003-present)
Bob Katsionis: Keyboards (2004-present), Guitars (rhythm) (live) (2006-present)
Johan Nunez: Drums (2011-present)

Download’s Info

Country: Greece
Genre(s): Heavy/Power Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 1.02 GB (scans)
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Firewind Metallum

Firewindheart’s RELEASES

1998 – Nocturnal Symphony (Demo – 192kbps) (45:31)
2002 – Between Heaven And Hell (Japan, KICP 1263, 2008) (01:03:02)
2003 – Burning Earth (Japan, TOCP-67279) (56:25)
2004 – Forged By Fire (Japan, TOCP-67527) (49:35)
2006 – Allegiance (Japan, KICP 1175) (57:52)
2008 – The Premonition (Japan, KICP 1301) (57:49)
20** – Live Premonition (2CD) (47:41+51:52)
2010 – Days Of Defiance (Japan, MICP-10950) (59:07)
20** – Days Of Defiance (Limited Edition, CM 9979770) (01:06:22)
2012 – Few Against Many (Japan, MICP-11048) (01:03:11)
2013 – Apotheosis (Live 2012) (Japan, MICP-11108) (01:17:31)
2017 – Immortals (Japan, SICP-5166) (01:01:18)



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