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Forsaken, one of Southern Europe’s longest standing and premier doom metal outfits, were formed in 1990 under the moniker “Blind Alley”. Based in Malta, the band adopted the epithet “Forsaken” in 1991 and released their debut demo “Requiem” toward the end of that same year. In 1993 the band signed to Arkham Productions (France) for the release of a 7″ Ep entitled “Virtues of Sanctity”. Between Feb – March 1994, together with French thrash metal band Oddmongers, the band toured France and Spain to promote the Ep’s release. Forsaken moved to local label Storm Records for their debut full-length “Evermore” (1997). After a lengthy absence from the studio, the band returned to Temple Studios (Malta) to record a cover version of “Neon Knights”, which was featured in the Black Sabbath MK II (Dio-era) tribute called “Dehumanized Witch” (Mid-West Metal Records – USA). In 2002 the band released a three-track promo demo, which attracted considerable label interest. In the same year the band signed to Golden Lake Productions (Scotland, UK) and released their much celebrated “Iconoclast” Ep.

General Information

Country: Malta
Genre(s) Epic Doom Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 980 MB (scans)
Container: RAR
Band’s Info: Forsaken Facebook

Forsaken’s Albums Mp3


1991 Requiem (demo) ;00:38:17 ;256 kbps
1996 Evermore (Reissue) ;01:15:05 ;320 kbps
2002 Demo 2002 ;00:25:42 ;192 kbps
2002 Iconoclast (EP) ;00:34:25 ;320 kbps
2004 Anima Mundi ;00:51:54 ;320 kbps
2005 Dominaeon ;00:53:42 ;320 kbps
2009 After the Fall ;00:56:24 ;320 kbps
2010 Tales of Doom and Woe (Split) ;00:35:43 ;320 kbps
2018 Pentateuch ;00:54:00 ;320 kbps


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