Hello boys and girls, today i renewed this metalminos domain for one more year for 15 dollars its more expensive every year anyways thats done. in the other hand as you may know GOOGLE DRIVE has delete my account for download, the ones you downloaded from here and other acount for backup. if a file got deleted for any reason, i just went to my backup account, download the files and reupload. This its very TIME SAVING plus guarantee i can reupload it cause sometimes files are gone for good and cant be reuploaded.

You may say why just dont buy another google drive accounts, they’re cheap. Yes is cheap to buy 1-2 accounts but theres no fucking guarantee my files will be there when i need it. proof is that google drive or the guy who sells to me the account just remove my permissions and all fies were wiped out. that happened to me twice and i dont want a third one.

I wont upload to gdrive again. at least not now and not for my main host. MEGA its now my main host plus some mirrors.

I searched for backup file providers and found that 1fichier its the cheapest one. they offer 2 terabytes of cold storage, that means they dont delete if not downloaded. For 22 euros year, thats 1.8 euros per month. but theres something more. if you want more storage you can have 1 terabyte more for 2 euros more per month. this is scalable up to 100 terabyte.

I will wait if theres a black friday offer to buy the account and ofc can help to buy more terabytes for later

So if you wanna contribute to buy that account you can help sending some bitcoins to the following btc adress: bc1q7pml36c3rus2umf6jd4wsl3y2g3vsrhpjyupsw

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