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Helstar Discography Download 320 kbps (1984 – 2021) MEGA


The Texas quintet started back in 1982 and a couple of years later released their magnificent debut, “Burning star”, one of the most incredible exercises of US power metal of that decade that discovered a guy who then called himself Bill Lionel but who will go down in posterity with his real name, James Rivera. A bad-ass (his bottle brawl with Geoff Thorpe has caused his imminent departure from Vicious Rumors), he has played in countless bands but the only one that can be called HIS BAND, with capital letters, is Helstar.

After “Burning star” came three more works, all of supreme quality. In addition, “A distant thunder” and the conceptual “Nosferatu”, which showed us a much more technical Helstar than in their beginnings and approaching the first Fates Warning. Since then, and almost evoking the vampire, they have appeared and disappeared suddenly, as in that “Multiples of black” from 1995, a correct album but far away from its predecessors, the live “Twas the night of a hellish Xmas”, released in 2000, “The James Rivera legacy” a year later or already in 2006 the DVD “Burning alive”.

Download’s Info

Country: United States
Genre(s): Heavy/Speed/Power Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 3.11 Gigabytes
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Helstar’s Facebook

Helstar’s RELEASES

1984 – Burning Star (Vinyl LP) [00:35:04]
1984 – Burning Star (1999 Reissue) [00:35:05]
1984 – Burning Star (2009 Reissue) [01:08:03]
1986 – Remnants Of War (Vinyl LP) [00:39:04]
1986 – Remnants Of War (2009 Reissue) [00:54:35]
1988 – A Distant Thunder [00:43:13]
1989 – Nosferatu [00:42:51]
1995 – Multiples Of Black
2000 – T’Was the Night of a Helish X-Mas (Live) [00:48:42]
2001 – The James Rivera Legacy (Split w. Vigilante) [00:47:01]
2006 – Burning Alive (Live) [DVD] [00:46:53]
2007 – Sins Of The Past [01:02:40]
2008 – The King Of Hell [01:05:16]
2010 – Rising From The Grave (Remastered Boxed Set) [2CD]
2010 – Glory Of Chaos [00:54:42]
2012 – XXX – 30 Years of Hel (Live) [2CD+DVD]
2015 – This Wicked Nest [00:51:32]
2016 – Vampiro [00:57:23]
2020 – Black Wings Of Solitude (7” Single) [00:13:07]
2021 – Clad in Black (Compilation) [2CD]



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