UPDATE 7 September 2021


probably you get this captcha randomly. it doesn appear on the video

as you see its simple, in the example you have to click on the envelop icon.


Now says “Free Access with ads” click on it and you will see various offers, just click SKIP on and you will get the filecrypt page

and then (click skip which is on the top)

Some tips:

1: when you are on linkvertise or filecrypt page (i dont see that on my experience, just in case), If prompts to download any file .exe .zip or .rar which are not downloaded explicitly from mega, uptobox, rapidgator or ddownload. DONT DOWNLOAD. Some times these ads by pass ad company. even this can pass on adsense and similar.

obviously check always if the file name and size file coincides with desired download

2. Some extra windows will open. just let them charge and focus on the path route

metalminos.net – linkvertise – filecrypt – Mega/Ddownload/Uptobox

after download you can close all of them.

JDOWNLOADER some downloads are protected by jdownloader. the procedure its the same (watch video above) but when you arrive to filecrypt page there wont be links. but a green button called “click n load” to get the links you need the sofware jdownloader 2 adware-free intall it. open the program and click that button. a few seconds later links will be load it into the program

*** if links for whatever reason wont load, refresh the filecryot page and try again ***

41 thoughts on “How to download

  1. Good night, how are you? hope so. My name is James and I have a question when downloading the files. I do not use the J downloader because my antivirus detected adware. I wonder if I can use another file manager. Thank you in advance, and I await a return. Hugs!!!

  2. Hey there!
    Holy shit, thank you so much for this website, you made a broke student very happy! 😀

    But here’s the problem: JDownloader has a still unresolved plugin bug where you can’t add your Google account (Failed login). So every GDrive Link is impossible to download for users who didn’t have their account added in JD yet. :/

    1. hi. most of the gd links are deleted. i have buy a bnew account to replace them. thats why links cant be added. but normally you dont need any account to downoad from jd and gdrive links.

      now i reuploaded some bdrips and discographies from A to H. if you need some reupload faster. just ask it. repeat. my links doesnt require you to add a gmail account to download from jd,

  3. Hola !
    Para descargar el rar de Kiss (Destroyer , Hotter Than Hell) necesita un password , cual es por favor ? o sino como procurarselo por favor ?
    Muchas gracias
    Un saludo de Francia ,


      1. lo siento , no leo el inglés como el francés o el castellano y no sé donde buscar

          1. Saludos …
            la contraseña ? que contraseña ?
            No la consigué en la FAQ , ni en algun post
            Parece une historia de sordos ,

          2. perdonenme , ahora consigué , soy un burro …
            Gracias por tu patiencia y tu fantastico sitio
            ‘ta luego !


  4. Olá
    Bom dia.
    Acabo de puxar o”Thorns” de Tony Martin via MEGA.NZ mas o ficheiro RAR não me aceita a password www. metalminos .net e assinala erro.

    Ajudem-me por favor.

    Saludos desde Lisboa – Portugal !W/ 😉

    José Atónio Marin

  5. A thousand apologies for repeating the question. I just saw the answer in the post above and I found the password.

    thank you so much.

    1. es en minuscula, la mayor parte es metalminos.net y la otra es www.metalminos.net sin espacios en blanco que a veces pasa cuando copian mal la contraseña.

  6. Hey, found your site last week and you’ve got lots of great stuff! I haven’t found any dead links yet either, which is extra awesome. Anyway, the sidebar says you’re taking requests, but when I go to the request page it doesn’t have any way to leave a comment. Can you fix that?

    Until then I guess I’ll have to post my request here. If you could post “You Will Be The Death Of Me” by Light The Torch, I’d really appreciate it. (or the whole Light The Torch/Devil You Know discography if possible)

  7. The Mega link does not work on most of the 2024 releases. Examples Saxon, Xion, Domination Campaign among others. If you click on the Mega link, nothing happens except it opens another tab that shows the same page I just tried to open the Mega link

  8. The Mega link for Domination Campaign – A Storm of Steel does not work. Nothing happens when you click on it. Other Mega links for albums posted on the same day back in January are working

  9. Thanks! It worked.

    My mistake was copying the pass and not checking that my browser automatically ads “http://” in the beginning (because recognize it as a link).

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