Hello people, i wanna invite you to a site called Metal Online which is aimed to put together all the official metal videoclips, albums and concerts. You can contribute to add more videos to the site if you wanna cooperate. Hope you like it and save the web on yuor favorites.

3 thoughts on “I invite you to Metalonline.xyz

  1. Hi, bro.
    I cant see this page… when I access it, the page turns into another one with advertices (the one who asks us to update the phone). It dosent appear in a new tab and when we push the “back” button it closes the page. We dont have even time to scroll down the page do see its content.

    1. maybe you enter when i was testing ads. but no ad that i tested have these behaviours. check your pc remove cookies temporals etc. for now the web have only banners, no pop ups or intrude ads. check again. i jst test it on another pc and works fine

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