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Jeff Loomis Discography Download MP3 320 kbps (2015 – 2018) MEGA


Loomis got his first guitar at the age of nine, but didn’t start practicing seriously until he was 15.1 As a teenager in Wisconsin he played in a few cover bands and three death metal groups before starting more stable bands.23 Guitarists who influenced Loomis’ style include Yngwie Malmsteen, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker and Brian May.4 At the age of 16, Loomis won the “Wisconsin’s Guitar Wars” contest.

He auditioned for Megadeth (during the “So Far, So Good… So What!” era) at just 16, after guitarist Chris Poland was kicked out of the band. After playing a few songs with them, Dave Mustaine, the band’s frontman and lead guitarist, thanked Loomis for the audition and predicted that he would one day be a great guitarist, but that because of his age he was not right for the band.

Jeff Loomis saw some Cacophony touring show, and told Marty Friedman, who showed up interested, about the audition. Marty tried out right after for the position in Megadeth, where he joined in 1989. In 2005, Loomis was able to share the stage with Megadeth, as guitarist for Nevermore, on the “Gigantour festival” tour.

Jeff began writing his solo album “Zero Order Phase”. At that time Megadeth was looking for a new guitarist, so they invited Jeff to join them. Jeff declined the offer on the grounds that he was still working on his solo album. Coincidences of life, it was Chris Broderick, Loomis’ partner in Nevermore, who ended up taking the position in Megadeth

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Country: United States
Genre(s): Instrumental / Progressive Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Length: 02:08:14
Size: 295.3 MB (Megabytes)
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Jeff Loomis’s Twitter

Jeff Loomis’s RELEASES


2008 – Zero Order Phase (00:54:04)

01. Shouting Fire at a Funeral (4:54)
02. Opulent Maelstrom (6:08)
03. Jato Unit (4:42)
04. Azure Haze (5:00)
05. Cashmere Shiv (6:17)
06. Race against Disaster (6:13)
07. Sacristy (4:50)
08. Devil Theory (6:16)
09. Miles of Machines (5:45)
10. Departure (3:57)

2012 – Plains Of Oblivion (00:57:06)

01. Mercurial (5:32)
02. The Ultimatum (4:42)
03. Escape Velocity (4:32)
04. Tragedy And Harmony (5:01)
05. Requiem For The Living (4:53)
06. Continuum Drift (5:39)
07. Surrender (5:30)
08. Chosen Time (4:33)
09. Rapture (2:44)
10. Sibylline Origin (4:36)
11. Collide (4:36)
12. Reverie For Eternity (4:47)

2013 – Requiem For The Living (EP) (00:18:01)

01. Requiem For The Living (Instrumental) (4:53)
02. A Liars Chain (4:42)
03. Speak Of Nothing (4:29)
04. Glass Roots (3:57)





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