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Malón Discography Download MP3 320 kbps (1995 – 2023) MEGA


.Malón is an Argentinian thrash metal band that was formed in 1995 by Claudio O’Connor, Antonio Romano, Claudio Strunz (all former members of Hermética), and Karlos Cuadrado. The history of Malón can be divided into three stages:

1995–1998: Early Years and First Albums
After several internal conflicts, the band Hermética disbanded in late 1994. Claudio O’Connor, Antonio Romano, and Claudio Strunz created Malón, with bassist Carlos Kuadrado. Their first concert was held at Cemento.
In 1995, they released their debut studio album, “Espíritu combativo”, followed by “Justicia o resistencia” in 1996.
In October 1997, they performed at the 20th anniversary of Madres de Plaza de Mayo, alongside other bands like León Gieco, Divididos, Las Pelotas, and La Renga.
Their first live album, “Resistencia viva”, was released at the end of 1997.
In early 1998, the band officially disbanded, and Claudio O’Connor formed a parallel project called O’Connor.

1999–2010: Separation, Parallel Projects, and Failed Comeback Attempt
In 2001, Antonio Romano, Claudio Strunz, and Karlos Cuadrado decided to reform the band without Claudio O’Connor. They hired vocalist Eduardo Ezcurra.
They released a self-titled EP in April 2002, but some fans did not accept the band without Claudio O’Connor.
After a while, Strunz left the group and retained the rights to the band’s name. The remaining members formed a new band called Razones Concientes, and Malón disbanded once again.

2011–Present: Comeback and New Albums
In 2011, O’Connor and Romano announced their reunion. Their first official reunion concert took place in December 2011 at Arena Malvinas Argentinas, Buenos Aires.

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Genre(s): Thrash/Groove Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Length: 11:26:01
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Album List

1995 – Espíritu Combativo – 00:38:04
1995 – Espíritu Combativo En Vivo (VHS Rip) – 00:41:39
1996 – Justicia O Resistencia – 01:01:38
1997 – Resistencia Viva – 01:12:08
2002 – El (EP) – 00:17:58
2005 – Grandes Éxitos – 00:49:35
2012 – El Regreso Más Esperado – 01:22:43
2013 – 360º – 01:39:36
2013 – Devorador De Sueños (Single) – 00:20:47 (128 kbps)
2015 – Nuevo Orden Mundial – 00:45:56
2019 – Espíritu Combativo (Remasterizado) – 00:47:19
2019 – Justicia O Resistencia (Remasterizado) – 01:04:56
2023 – Oscuro Plan Del Poder – 00:39:55
2023 – Un Cielo Rojo (Single) – 00:03:41

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