Hello people in this page i will upload re-encoded versions o metal videos (the youtube HD ones) with lite size for those who wanna have a collection in their pcs or external hard drives like me. If you want highest quality possible stay with youtube or Bluray ones.

Will do only 1080p versions except if only exist 720p version. you wanted me to re-encode a video, send me a download link or the youtube url. i will keep the audio untouched cause you know its the music the most importan part, right?

i wont make re-encode of low resolution videos.

i’ll make sure these videos will be playable on my TV using x264 codec. i bet if my tv plays its, yours too.

I have a nice preset using Handbrake, some videos will not work as intended with this preser so ill use another method for these.

My re-encoded videos will be at least 20MB+ below original size with almost no noticeable difference, unless you have eagle.

My goal to reach 500 videoclips, i dont know how much time it will take + :p

P.S. If you have a kickass preset for videos low size good quality send it to me.

Stay tuned, bookmark this page for updates.

Metal Video Clips Youtube Lite Versions – List

Google Drive – Mirror Yandex Disk

001: Persefone – Spiritual Migration 720pMirror
002: Opeth – SorceressMirror
003: Overkill – Welcome To The Garden State 1080pMirror
004: Avantasia – MoonglowMirror
005: Cellar Darling – DeathMirror
006: Anabantha – Hechizo 720pMirror
007: Devin Townsend – GenesisMirror
008: Fractal Universe Oneiric RealisationsMirror
009: Swallow The Sun – FirelightsMirror
010: Allegaeon Stellar Tidal DisruptionMirror

How to download from Google Drive:

Just click in the button marked in red

Yandex its self-explanatory