Hi, just doing this for fun, i’ll be doing a metal playlist with songs i like and hear often, i will not be based on generes or “must add a band, or song” s basically if i want and im on a good modd, i will upload a video song to youtube and will add it to a playlist called Metalminos.net Playlist Youtube or something, can change name later xD.

When theres a good ammount of song, i will make a compilation of the song in a rar pack for you all on google drive.

Metalminos.net Metal Playlist Youtube Songlist:

01: Estatic Fear – Chapter IV
02: Persefne – Truth Inside The Shades
03: Graveworm – Unhallowed by the Infernal One
04: Children of Bodom – Northern Comfort
05: Marche Funèbre – Lullaby of Insanity
06: Tristania – Aphelion
07: Tristania – My Lost Lenore
08: Virgin Black – Our Wings Are Burning
09: Haken – Cockroach King
10: Dark Moork – Dies Irae (Amadeus)
11: Mirrorthrone – So Frail
12: Majestic – Voodoo Treazure
13: Yonder Realm – Sacrifice to the Old Stone Gods
14: Luca Turilli – Where Heroes Lie Metalminos.net
15: Symphony X – The Damnation Game
16: Theatre of Tragedy – A Rose For The Dead