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Nevermore Discography Download MP3 320 kbps (1992 – 2010) MEGA


Nevermore was a groove and progressive metal band formed in Seattle, Washington, United States in 1991 by Warrel Dane (vocals), Attila Voros (guitar) and Jim Sheppard (bass). Previously there were also Jeff Loomis (guitar, backing vocals) and Van Williams (drums), until the recent departure of both in April 2011 due to differences with the rest of the members. The band was born in 1991 from the ashes of the heavy metal band Sanctuary, which was popular at the time, but was being pressured by their record label to adapt to the grunge sound that was having a greater impact at the time (especially since the band came from Seattle, the birthplace of the grunge genre); There were disagreements about the band’s future and the band eventually broke up, but three of the members, Warrel Dane (vocals), Jim Sheppard (bass) and Jeff Loomis, temporary guitarist for Sanctuary, formed Nevermore.

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Country: United States
Genre(s): Groove/Progressive Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Length: 04:22:01
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Nevermore’s RELEASES

Albums List

Studio Albums

1995 – Nevermore (Century Media 77091-2)
1996 – The Politics Of Ecstasy (Century Media 77132-2)
1999 – Dreaming Neon Black (Century Media 77191 2)
2000 – Dead Heart In A Dead World (Century Media 77310-0, Limited Edition)
2003 – Enemies Of Reality (Century Media 77410-2)
2005 – This Godless Endeavor (Japan)
2010 – The Obsidian Conspiracy (Century Media, LC 06975 9979810, Limited Edition Digipak, 2CD)

Remixed & Remastered

1995 – Nevermore (Century Media 77578-2, Remastered 2006)
1996 – In Memory (Century Media 77575-2, Remastered 2006)
1996 – The Politics Of Ecstasy (Century Media 77574-2, Remastered 2006)
2003 – Enemy Of Reality (Remixed 2005) (Century Media 77519-2)

Compilations albums

2009 – Manifesto Of Nevermore (Nuclear Blast 9978862)
2018 – Rarities & Demos (01:01:22)

Live albums

2008 – The Year Of The Voyager (Century Media 9976102, 2CD)

Demo, Singles & Ep

1992 – Utopia (Demo) – 192kbps
1996 – In Memory (Century Media 77121 2)
2000 – Belive Is Nothing (Century Media Records)

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