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Closely affilated with Children of Bodom. The band actually got their start when Alexander Kuoppala of Children of Bodom helped them get a record deal; Petri Lindroos and Alexander have been long time friends so Norther got much help early in their career through Bodom.

Norther originally started as a death metal band under the name Requiem in 1996, then changed their name to Decayed, and in 2000 to Norther.

Norther was featured in the movie “Vares 2 – Jäätynyt enkeli” with their songs “Frozen Angel” and “Reach Out”. They are also featured as characters in the movie.

Petri Lindroos had to leave Norther in 2009 because of scheduling conflicts with Ensiferum, leaving no founding members in the band. Lindroos was replaced as vocalist by Aleksi Sihvonen, and as guitarist by Daniel Freyberg, who was not made a permanent member of the band until February 2010.

On April 1st, 2009 Norther issued a statement saying that Jari Mäenpää (ex-Ensiferum, Wintersun) would be joining Norther as their new vocalist following the departure of Petri Lindroos. This was, however, an April’s Fool joke.

Download’s Info

Country: Finland
Genre(s); Melodic Death Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 1.5GB (scans)
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Norther’s Metallum


2000 – Warlord (Demo) – 00:17:36

Studio Albums
2002 – Dreams Of Endless War (Japanese Edition) – 00:46:36
2003 – Mirror Of Madness (Japanese Edition) – 00:48:57
2004 – Death Unlimited (Japanese Edition) – 00:56:11
2006 – Till Death Unites Us (Japanese Edition) – 01:04:31
2008 – N (Japanese Edition) – 00:51:54
2008 – N (Limited Edition) – 01:01:04
2011 – Circle Regenerated (Limited Edition) – 00:54:27

Singles & EPs
2002 – Released (Single) – 00:07:13
2003 – Unleash Hell (Single) – 00:06:56
2004 – Spreading Death (Single) – 00:20:01
2005 – Solution 7 (EP) – 00:18:31
2006 – Scream (Single) – 00:11:08
2007 – No Way Back (Japanese Edition) (EP) – 00:30:42





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