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Obscurcis Romancia appeals to fans of Dimmu Borgir, The Black Dahlia Murder, Dissection, Unexpect…

Obscurcis Romancia assaults listeners’ ears with their distinctive and powerful concoction of furious blast beats, vehement vocals, aggressive yet melodious riffs and leads, and fiendishly wicked atmospheres juxtaposed against a harmonious piano backdrop.

Download’s Info

Country: Canada
Genre(s): Symphonic Black Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 197 MB
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Obscurcis Romancia’s Youtube

Obscurcis Romancia’s RELEASES

2003 Obscurcis Romancia (EP) (00:34:41) (192 kbps)

01. Prelude A La Nuit [00:01:12]
02. La Sombre Melodie Du Barde Noir [00:02:29]
03. Funeste Romance [00:06:01]
04. As The Desire Of Evil Is Unsatisfied [00:05:20]
05. La Mer Des Incompris [00:07:11]
06. Le Regne Du Seigneur De Perdition [00:05:35]
07. Cette Fleur [00:06:51]

2012 Theatre Of Deception (01:05:26) (320 kbps)

01. Awakening In Spiritual Madness [00:10:05]
02. Beware The Moon [00:04:58]
03. Sanctuaire Damne [00:06:38]
04. Le Quatrieme Acte [00:08:40]
05. Mournful Darkness [00:06:56]
06. From Within The Fire Of Eternity [00:10:45]
07. In Memoriam [00:07:38]
08. Seasons Of Infinite Sorrow [00:09:43]



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