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DOWNLOAD Pentagram Discography 320kbps (1973 – 2015) MEGA


“Bobby Liebling & PENTAGRAM have been churning out widely admired hard rock / doom metal for over four decades. Within its first, this D.C. band is largely regarded as pioneering not one but two subgenres of hard rock. At the onset of the 1970’s, they helped procreate a behemoth called, “Heavy Metal.” Nine years on, they’d be planting the dark seed of what would grow to be known as “Doom.” 2011 marks the 40th Anniversary of this American treasure and see the release of their new album, Last Rites, on Metal Blade Records.”

Download’s Info

Country: United States
Genre(s): Doom Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 1.75 GB (scans)
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Pentagram’s Bandcamp

Pentagram’s RELEASES


1973 – Bias Recordings Studio (Demo) (19:03) (160 kbps)
1979 – Livin’ in a Ram’s Head – When the Screams Come (Single) (Vinyl) (07:09)
1987 – Day Of Reckoning (07:09)
1993 – Relentless (aka Pentagram (1985)) (42:51)
1994 – Be Forewarned (58:52)
1999 – Review Your Choices (54:54)
2001 – Sub-Basement (2008) (55:11)
2002 – First Daze Here (The Vintage Collection) (Compilation) (44:48)
2002 – Turn to Stone (Compilation) (01:19:03)
2003 – A Keg Full Of Dynamite (1978 Live Recordings) (39:39)
2004 – Show ‘Em How (45:06)
2006 – First Daze Here (The Vintage Collection) (2CD) (Compilation) (01:15:14)
2011 – Last Rites (45:20)
2011 – Live Rites (Live) (Vinyl) (56:57)
2012 – Change of Heart (EP) (Vinyl) (14:29)
2015 – Curious Volume (42:18)



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