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Plague Throat Discography Download MP3 320 kbps (2013 – 2019) MEGA


“Indian death metal greats PLAGUE THROAT release their highly awaited full length debut after putting out a stunner in ‘An Exordium to Contagion’ EP. And if their single was anything go by, the band’s sound is only getting more powerful and relevant by imbibing influences of both brutal and technical death metal while remaining rooted in the classic death metal style. These are ten unrelenting and supremely passionate songs that will have any metalhead banging his head in ridiculous fashion. Catchiness has always been a trait for this band but it’s never at the expense of the heaviness. With a faultless production to boot, ‘The Human Paradox’ will become a death metal staple for old and new fans alike all around the world”

Download’s Info

Country: India
Genre(s): Death Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Length: 00:55:51
Size: 130 MB (Megabytes)
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Plague Throat’s Myspace

Plague Throat’s RELEASES


2013 – An Exordium to Contagion (EP) – 128 kbps

1. The Pretentious and the Deceived 04:20
2. Burn 02:14
3. Present Chaos 02:56
4. Sinking Higher 05:10

2017 – The Human Paradox

1. Inherited Failure 03:42
2. Dominion Breach 03:58
3. Fallible Transgression 05:36
4. The Human Paradox 04:17
5. Hour of Darkness 03:27
6. Corporeal 02:31
7. Truth in Silence 02:55
8. Conception Subjection 03:32
9. Conflict Resolution 04:25
10. Ma Nga 03:53

2019 – Evolutionary Impasse (EP)

1. The Epoch of Catastrophe – I 01:25
2. The Epoch of Catastrophe – II 03:58
3. Instruments of Antipathy 03:22
4. Primitive Defence Mechanism 03:30
5. Re – Shaping a Paralysed World 02:58
6. Portraying a Void 02:16





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