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Racer X was an American heavy metal and speed metal band founded in 1985 in Los Angeles, California. Led by guitarist Paul Gilbert, they achieved significant recognition in the bars of the Californian city due to their fast and technical style. Later, with the addition of Bruce Bouillet, they created a synchronised guitar harmony that came to redefine their sound on the 1987 album Second Heat. Although their popularity was on the rise by the end of the decade, in 1988 Gilbert opted to leave the group to form the band Mr. Big with bassist Billy Sheehan, which meant that in 1989 Racer X ceased operations.

In 1999, Racer X returned to the stage with their classic line-up of Jeff Martin on vocals, Gilbert on guitar, Juan Alderete on bass and Scott Travis on drums, while Bouillet did not want to participate in this reunion. In this second stage they released two studio albums and two live albums, until the end of 2002 when they decided to split up indefinitely to focus on their respective musical projects.

Download’s Info

Country: United States
Genre(s): Heavy Metal/Shred
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 1.01 Gigabytes
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Racer X’s Facebook


1986 – Street Lethal

1. Frenzy
2. Street Lethal
3. Into the Night
4. Blowin’ Up the Radio
5. Hotter Than Fire
6. On the Loose
7. Loud and Clear
8. Y.R.O.
9. Dangerous Love
10. Getaway
11. Rock It

1988 – Second Heat

1. Sacrifice
2. Gone Too Far
3. Scarified
4. Sunlit Nights
5. Hammer Away
6. Heart Of A Lion (Judas Priest cover)
7. Motor Man
8. Moonage Daydream (David Bowie cover)
9. Living The Hard Way
10. Lady Killer

1988 – Extreme volume

1. Loud and clear
2. Dangerous love
3. Bruce’s solo
4. Gone too far
5. John’s solo
6. She wants control
7. Scit scat wah
8. Into the night
9. Paul’s solo
10. Motor man
11. Scott’s solo
12. Set the world on fire

1992 – Extreme volume II

1. Hammer Away
2. Poison Eyes
3. Heart Of A Lion
4. Moonage Daydream (David Bowie cover)
5. Sunlit Nights
6. Give It To Me
7. On The Loose
8. Rock It
9. Detroit Rock City (Kiss cover)

1999 – Technical Difficulties

1. Phallic Tractor
2. Fire Of Rock
3. Snakebite
4. Technical Difficulties
5. Miss Mistreater
6. Bolt In My Heart
7. 17th Moon
8. Waiting
9. Poison Eyes
10. B.R.O.
11. God Of The Sun
12. Give It To Me
13. The Executioner’s Song
14. Children Of The Grave (Black Sabbath cover)

2000 – Superheroes

1. Superheroes
2. Let the Spirit Fly
3. Godzilla (Blue Öyster Cult cover)
4. Dead Man’s Shoes
5. King of the Monsters
6. Mad at the World
7. Evil Joe
8. That Hormone Thing
9. Viking Kong
10. Time Before the Sun
11. O.H.B.

2002 – Snowball of Doom – Live at the Whiskey

1. 17th Moon
2. Into The Night
3. Let The Spirit Fly
4. Street Lethal
5. Dead Man’s Shoes
6. Scarified
7. Get Away
8. Snakebite
9. Hammer Away
10. Evil Joe
11. Phallic Tractor
12. Fire Of Rock
13. O.H.B.
14. Godzilla

2002 – Snowball Of Doom II

Disc 1

1. Superheroes
2. Phallic Tractor
3. Fire of Rock
4. The Executioner’s Song
5. King of the Monsters
6. Dead Man’s Shoes
7. Sunlit Nights
8. Into the Night
9. Y.R.O./ guitar solo
10. Let the Spirit Fly
11. Waiting

Disc 2

1. Hammer Away
2. Bass Solo
3. Miss Mistreater
4. That Hormone Thing
5. Scarified
6. Drum Solo
7. Motor Man

2002 – Getting Heavier

1. Dr.X
2. Lucifer’s Hammer
3. Golden God
4. Bucket Of Rock
5. Go-GG-Go
6. Heaven In 74
7. Everything’s Everything
8. Empty Man
9. The Siren’s Eye
10. Ghost Dance
11. Endless




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