Here you can leave your metal requests: Albums, flac albums, dvds, Bluray Rip. I wont upload bluray isos cause are damn hugh, maybe later whens theres a good regular visitors basis.

use this for for your request:

Band Name:
Band Releases:


Band Name: Iron Maiden
Band Releases: Killers

* since i will upload discographies from well known bands, try to request something less popular

leave your request below this post only:

you can submit all you want but be reasonable :p

38 thoughts on “Request Music Here

  1. I hope this is okay to request:

    Band Name: Newsted
    Band Release: Heavy Metal Music (Deluxe Edition)
    (that is actually the album title, by the way.)

    I’ve been looking for the deluxe version with the three bonus tracks (Spiderbiter, Godsnake, and Skyscraper), but to no avail. Thanks in advance!

  2. Oh yes that one shows over 20 hours to download. I don’t mind waiting for the others downloads few days. Thanks a lot. You are a star!

  3. Hello.
    Thank you for accepting the request again.
    I wish you can upload the discography of the band ” Journey “.
    I appreciate it.

  4. Hi could you get this maybe?
    Band Name: Angus Mcsix
    Band Releases: Angus Macsix and The Sword of Power
    Would be great if the songs also had the album cover too 🙂

  5. Hey, I’m sorry for requesting again, even though it hasn’t been very long since my last, but I can’t find this one anywhere.

    Band Name: Flotsam and Jetsam
    Band Release: When the Storm Comes Down (2008 Remaster)
    (specifically the remaster, because though the original is extremely easy to find, this remaster isn’t. You’ll know if it’s the 2008 remaster if it has an interview included as a bonus track.)

    If you end up not being able to find it, I understand, as it was a limited release (2000 copies!), but I figured it would be okay to request here. Thank you in advance!

    1. When The Storm Comes Down (Reissue, Remastered Edition) got that track interview you’re looking for 🙂

  6. Band Name: Gloryhammer
    Band Release: “Dundax Aeterna” from “Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards”

    It is a bonus track that was only included on the physical release and I can’t find it anywhere online.

  7. Hey
    could you upload the discography of the german Thrash-Metal band Lost World Order (former: Spectre Dragon)?
    as Spectre Dragon:
    – Under Hell’s Command
    – Beyond Creation

    as Lost World Order:
    – This Apparatus must be earthed!
    – Marauders
    – Parasites
    – Tyrants

    I thank you in advance and hope you’ll be able to upload them 🙂

  8. Band Name: In Mourning
    Band Releases: Shrouded Divine (2008)
    Monolith (2010)
    The Weight of Oceans (2012)
    Afterglow (2016)
    Garden of Storms (2019)
    The Bleeding Veil (2021)

  9. Band Name: ReinXeed
    Band Release: Lionheart [EP] (2004)

    I hope it’s ok to request again. I was wondering if you could find the first EP by ReinXeed, which is nowhere to be heard online. Thanks again for last time.

  10. Hello ,

    Can you open a file for the band


    I’ve got just begining to download but now you have just cancelled the link

    Thanks you

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