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“Sadist was formed in 1991 by Tommy (guitar, keyboards), Peso (drums), Andy (bass) and Fabio (vocals). While playing locally with original content from their demo, they caught the attention of the indie label Obscure Plasma Records. Their demo was released as Black Screams EP in September 1991, and sold 2500 copies worldwide. The EP was later released in 1992 by American indie label Wild Rag Records in a three-track version. The band toured Italy and France until Fabio left the band, which forced Andy to play bass as well as sing.

Shortly afterward, the band joins a small tour in Portugal and obtains a record deal with Nosferatu Records for a two-album contract and releases “Above the Light” in 1993. Then, Andy leaves the band, and is replaced by bassist Chicco and a new singer, Zanna. In late 1993 the band starts touring in France and the Netherlands.

In early 1994, Sadist supports Carcass during the italian “Heartwork” tour and Samael in France. While on tour, the band works on songs for the new album and in May 1995 enters Rhythm Studios in Bidford on Avon, England, where they start recording their second album.”

Download’s Info

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Progressive Death Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 1.22 GB (scans)
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Sadist’s Bandcamp



1991 – Black Screams (7″ EP) – 00:10:46 – 224 Kbps
1992 – Black Screams (Tape EP) – 00:16:09 – VBR 141 Kbps


1993 (1996) – Above The Light (Japanese Edition) – 00:52:30
1996 – Tribe (Japanese Edition) – 00:49:07
1997 – Crust (Japanese Edition) – 00:45:10
2000 – Lego – 01:09:28
2007 – Sadist – 00:44:59
2010 – Season In Silence – 00:46:46
2015 – Hyaena (Japanese Edition) – 00:48:14
2018 – Spellbound – 00:37:39

Remastered Albums

2006 – Above The Light (Remastered) – 00:52:01
2006 – Tribe (Remastered) – 00:49:07





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