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The band began its formation in 1985 and from the beginning had problems because of their satanic ideology, however, they could be heard thanks to the compilation “Warfare Noise 1” by Mushroom Records and that their opportunity to be heard, they continued rehearsing and playing for in 1986 to release their first and blasphemous work: “I. N.R.I.” with Cogumelo Records, practicing a somewhat hybrid style that later would be known as Death/Black Metal, this work is considered today one of the most important albums in the history of metal, which allowed them to appear in many fanzines with excellent reviews.
In 1989 they released what is perhaps the most controversial album in the history of their native Brazil; “Rotting” no less blasphemous and impressive than the previous one, which had been censored in Europe and North America.

Already in the nineties, “The laws of Scourge” is released, the third album of the band with the same endowment of aggressive music and satanic lyrics which led them to tour Europe due to the great success they had among the fans of the extreme.

Download’s Info

Country: Brazil
Genre(s): Black/Thrash/Death Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 1.61
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Sarcófago’s Spotify

Sarcófago’s RELEASES


1986 – Satanic Lust (Demo), 224kbps
1986 – The Black Vomit (Demo), 192kbps
1987 – Sepultado (Rehearsal 14.V.1987) (Demo), 128kbps
1987 – Christ’s Death (Demo), 192kbps

Albums & EP

1987 – I.N.R.I. (Reissue 1999)
1987 – I.N.R.I. (Remastered 2002), VBR224kbps
1989 – Rotting
1991 – The Laws of Scourge
1992 – Crush, Kill, Destroy (EP), 192kbps
1994 – Hate (Remastered 2005)
1996 – The Worst
2000 – Crust (EP), 256kbps
2007 – The Worst / Crust (Remastered)

Splits and Compilations

1986 – Warfare Noise I (Split Chakal / Mutilator / Sarcófago / Holocausto), 192kbps
1990 – The Lost Tapes of Cogumelo (various artists compilation)
1995 – Decade of Decay (Best of Sarcófago)
2000 – Cogumelo Records Compilation (various artists compilation), 128kbps


1989 – Insulters of Jesus Christ, 192kbps
1993 – Live in Lima, Peru ’93, 128kbps
1996 – Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina 05.04.1996, 128kbps
2001 – Nights in Hell (Live 1986), 256kbps
2004 – Lust for Death
2006 – Sex, Drinks & Metal
2011 – Laws of the Slaughter




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