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Serious Black Discography Download 320 kbps (2015 – 2020) MEGA


Official: For eighteen months it was really quiet about SERIOUS BLACK, a comparatively long time for a band that, since its inception in 2015, let a maximum of one year pass until the release of a new album. However, who suspects that the guys had rested on their laurels will be disabused in 2020: SERIOUS BLACK are back with a bang and they´ll bring along a killeralbum called “Suite 226”. After three successful predecessors and more than 120 shows worldwide, they used their well-deserved time-out to design new concepts, to work on fresh material and, by the way, to build their own studio. Bassist Mario proudly announces: “The waiting comes to an end, we are fresh and rested. Above all, we are hungry to return to the stage.”

After guitarist Roland Grapow and bassist Mario Lochert hatched the idea of founding a Melodic Metal band in 2013, it was only a matter of time before this bunch of thoroughbred musicians, which earned their stripes in bands like FIREWIND, RHAPSODY, TAD MOROSE, EDENBRIDGE, VISION OF ATLANTIS and DREAMSCAPE have established in the Melodic Metalscene. In 2015 SERIOUS BLACK released their debut album “As Daylight Breaks”, which even has a chart entry, and completed their first headliner tour one year later. The fan base was growing steadily, followed by three successful albums, including live recordings and the unplugged version “First Light” in 2017.

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Country: International
Genre(s): Power Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 815 Megabytes
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Serious Black’s Facebook

Serious Black’s RELEASES

2015 – As Daylight Breaks (Japan) [01:02:52]

01.I Seek no Other Life (3:13)
02.High and Low (3:40)
03.Sealing My Fate (4:31)
04.Temple of the Sun (1:14)
05.Akhenaton (4:21)
06.My Mystic Mind (4:17)
07.Trail of Murder (2:54)
08.As Daylight Breaks (4:32)
09.Someone Else’s Life (3:52)
10.Setting Fire to the Earth (4:24)
11.Older and Wiser (3:59)
12.Listen to the Storm (4:49)
13.Fly On (5:32)
14.No Son of Mine (6:22)
15.I Show You My Heart (Bonus Track) (5:11)

2016 – Mirrorworld (Japan) [01:10:58]

01.Breaking The Surface (1:52)
02.As Long As I’m Alive (4:01)
03.Castor Skies (4:24)
04.Heartbroken Soul (3:46)
05.Dying Hearts (5:02)
06.You’re Not Alone (3:41)
07.Mirrorworld (5:03)
08.Emotional Blackmail (Bonus Track) (4:08)
09.The Life That You Want (Bonus Track) (4:29)
10.State Of My Despair (4:28)
11.The Unborn Never Die (3:53)
12.This Machine Is Broken (Bonus Track) (4:35)
13.Hello Moon (Bonus Track) (4:12)
14.Goodbye My Angel (Bonus Track) (4:34)
15.Irreverence And Pride (Exclusive Bonus Track For Japan) (4:17)

2017 – Magic (Japan, 2CD) [01:50:09]

CD1 (01:05:01)
01.With A Tip Of The Hat (0:56)
02.Binary Magic (4:06)
03.Burn! Witches Burn! (4:19)
04.Lone Gunman Rule (3:08)
05.Now You’ll Never Know (4:15)
06.I Can Do Magic (3:58)
07.Serious Black Magic (4:35)
08.Skeletons On Parade (5:59)
09.Mr. Nightmist (4:03)
10.The Witch Of Caldwell Town (4:44)
11.True Love Is Blind (4:05)
12.Just Kill Me (4:16)
13.Newfound Freedom (3:26)
14.One Final Song (8:42)
15.Fire And Ice (Bonus Track) (4:31)

CD2 (00:45:07)

01.Temple Of The Sun (Intro) (1:26)
02.Akhenaton (5:01)
03.Castor Skies (5:06)
04.Older And Wiser (4:43)
05.Trail Of Murder (4:38)
06.As Long As I’m Alive (4:52)
07.Sealing My Fate (4:34)
08.I Seek No Other Life (4:50)
09.Setting Fire To The Earth (4:44)
10.High And Low (3:51)
11.As Daylight Breaks (Outro) (1:22)

2017 – First Light (Acoustic version) [00:34:51]

01.Temple of the Sun (0:46)
02.Akhenaton (4:15)
03.Setting Fire to the Earth (4:10)
04.Heartbroken Soul (3:46)
05.Dying Hearts (5:25)
06.Hello Moon (4:29)
07.I Show You My Heart (5:13)
08.High and Low (3:27)
09.Sealing My Fate (3:19)

2019 – When the Stars Are Right (Single Edit) [00:03:42]

01. When the Stars Are Right (Single Edit) (3:42)

2020 – Suite 226 (Japan) [00:50:57]

01. Let Me Go (3:20)
02. When The Stars Are Right (3:53)
03. Solitude Étude (4:20)
04. Fate Of All Humanity (3:52)
05. Castiel (5:30)
06. Heaven Shall Burn (3:30)
07. Way Back Home (4:11)
08. We Still Stand Tall (4:31)
09. Come Home (5:00)
10. Suite 226 (8:40)
11. Kings Today (Bonus Track) (4:09)





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