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Wikipedia: Slowmotion Apocalypse is an Italian melodic death metal band formed in Pordenone in 2002 and currently signed to Scarlet Records. They released their third album Mothra in October 2009, recorded at Planet Red Studios, Richmond, VA, with producer Andreas Magnusson (Black Dahlia Murder, The Agony Scene, We Were Gentlemen, Dufresne, Oh Sleeper) and featuring Mike Terry from BURY YOUR DEAD and Matt Rudzinski from KILLWHITNEYDEAD. At the Gates vocalist Tomas Lindberg provided guest vocals on the song “The Blessing” on their second album, Obsidian, which was produced by Ettore Rigotti and released in 2007

Download’s Info

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 365 MB
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Slowmotion Apocalypse’s Myspace

Slowmotion Apocalypse’s RELEASES

2005 – My Own Private Armageddon (320 Kbps)


01. The Beginning Of The Apocalypse (0:44)
02. The Insomniac (3:54)
03. Kill In Progress (3:49)
04. Vote For Extinction (3:42)
05. Psychic War 2.0 (5:35)
06. Last Generation Humans (3:14)
07. Filth (3:47)
08. My Future Is Burning (5:05)
09. Through The Flesh (5:07)
10. The Art Of Self Blood Drinking (5:02)
11. Endurance Trial (demo) (4:24)
12. My Future Is Burning (demo) (4:55)
13. Bloodrust (demo) (3:26)

2007 – Obsidian (320 Kbps)


01. More Horror Is To Come (4:01)
02. Daydream Addiction (4:15)
03. Fuel For My Hatred (4:06)
04. Back From The Grave (4:12)
05. Portrait Of A Lie (4:54)
06. The Blessing (4:08)
07. This Is For The Sake Of Hedonism (4:33)
08. Burial (3:41)
09. The Way You Want To Die (3:06)
10. Be Quick Or Be Dead (Iron Maiden cover) (4:01)

2009 – Mothra (320 Kbps)


01. Caterpillar (3:15)
02. Forever,Works Just In Songs (2:35)
03. In Full View Of Heaven (4:02)
04. Me,Kate And Other Bastard Sons Of My Generation (3:21)
05. Stash (Feat. Matthew Rudzinski From Killwhitneydead) (3:38)
06. What A Rockin’ Heavy Metal Get – Up,Dude! (3:25)
07. Dim Shape in A Black Hole Life (Feat. Mike Terry From Bury Your Dead) (3:03)
08. Gamera Part.1:Death Worship Era (4:06)
09. Gamera Part.2:The So Called Northern Half (5:04)
10. Haiku (3:00)



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