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Download Sonata Arctica – Talviyo (Japanese Edition) 2019 [MEGA]

General Information

Country: Finland
Genre(s): Power Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 145 MB (scans)
File Compression: RAR
Band’s Info: Sonata Arctica Instagram

Talviyö Tracklist

1. Message from the Sun 04:06
2. Whirlwind 06:32
3. Cold 04:29 Show lyrics
4. Storm the Armada 05:08
5. The Last of the Lambs 04:22
6. Who Failed the Most 04:44
7. You Won’t Fall (Japan Bonus Track) 05:08
8. Ismo’s Got Good Reactors 03:43 instrumental
9. Demon’s Cage 04:58
10. A Little Less Understanding 04:16
11. The Raven Still Flies with You 07:39
12. The Garden 06:17




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