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The Provenance was a gothic metal / alternative rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden, signed to Scarlet Records until 2005 when they moved to Peaceville Records. The band seldom conformed to a single style of music, quoting themselves as ‘experimental Rock/Metal/Goth’. Their lyrical themes covered a range of topics such as love, frustration, sadness and personal struggle, as well as hope in finding beauty in a bleak world. The band was always keen to try new ideas, stating that they believed “that music shall be created via lust, curiosity and joy”. The Provenance ran from 1995 to December 2008, where the band announced on their MySpace page that a mutual decision to split up had taken place

Download’s Info

Country: Sweden
Genre(s): Progressive Death/Gothic/Doom Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 451 MB (scans)
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: The Provenance’s Metallum

The Provenance’s RELEASES


2001 25th Hour Bleeding (320 kbps)

1. Deluded Into Delirium
2. For Whom I Bleed
3. Shut Down
4. Ignominy Embodied
5. 25th Hour; Bleeding
6. Frequencynic
7. All Of Reality
8. Listening
9 Painted A Life

2002 Still At Arms Length (320 kbps)

1. Climbing Ideals
2. Tearful, Bitter, Broken
3. Carousel Of Descent
4. The Ardbeg Experience
5. Mimic
6. At Random Choose
7. World Of Hurt
8. At Arms Length

2005 How Would You Like To Be Spat At (320 kbps)

1. WoH II Tsc
2. Heroine
3. Catching Scarlet In The Sun
4. How Would You Like To Be Spat At In The Face
5. Some Gossip On Stealing A Spouse
6. Going Down
7. Considering The Gawk, The Drool, The Bitch And The Fool
8. Kick You So Hard
9. About A Whore, About A Kill
10. Speeding To Get By

2006 Red Flags (320 kbps)

1. At The Barricades
2. Crash Course
3. Thanks To You
4. Second And Last But Not Always
5. Revelling Masses
6. Leave-Takings
7. The Cost
8. Deadened
9. One Warning
10. Settle Soon




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