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The band was formed in November 1996 by Glenn Morten Nordbø, Arild Christensen and Stig Johansen. The band was initially called “Purgatory” but they soon decided to change their name to something less common. Anita Auglend and Ola Aarrestad joined the band shortly thereafter, and they recorded their first demo All Alone in January-February 1997. Anders Thue and Ingfrid Stensland then joined before they recorded their second demo Silent Pain in January 1998. Pete Johansen played the violin on that demo though he did not officially joined the band until the recording of their first full-length album Lake of Sorrow later in 1998.

They toured across Europe, before recording their second full-length album Perpetual Desolation in 2000. During the following tour, Anita Auglend, Anders Thue and Ingfrid Stensland grew weary of traveling and left the band in 2001. A live performance was released on CD and VHS in 2001, though it was not distributed worldwide and is thus very hard to come by. The band has been dormant since the departure of its three members. Pete Johansen has since left to play the violin on several Tristania albums. In 2007 Anita Auglend returned to the band. – The Sins of Thy Beloved Discography.

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Country: Norway
Genre(s): Symphonic Gothic/Doom Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 458MB
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: The Sins of Thy Beloved’s Bandcamp

The Sins of Thy Beloved’s RELEASES

1997 – Demo

1. Even Though (04:44)
2. Garden Of Eden (03:26)
3. Silent Pain (05:14)

1997 – All Alone (EP)

1. All Alone (06:16)
2. Memories (06:35)
3. Worthy of You (03:21)

1998 – Lake of Sorrow

1. My Love (09:30)
2. The Kiss (08:56)
3. Worthy of You (07:17)
4. Lake of Sorrow (07:06)
5. Until the Dark (06:39)
6. All Alone (07:13)
7. Silent Pain (08:02)

2000 – Perpetual Desolation

1. The Flame of Wrath (09:49)
2. Forever (06:55)
3. Pandemonium (07:29)
4. Partial Insanity (07:42)
5. Perpetual Desolation (04:16)
6. Nebula Queen (07:00)
7. The Mournful Euphony (08:39)
8. A Tormented Soul (04:20)
9. The Thing That Should Not Be (Metallica cover) (06:05)

2001 – Perpetual Desolation Live (DVD)

1. Pandemonium
2. All Alone
3. The Mournful Euphony
4. Nebula Queen
5. Perpetual Desolation
6. Lake Of Sorrow
7. The Flame Of Wrath
8. Partial Insanity
9. Forever





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