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Tygers of Pan Tang was founded in 1981 by vocalist Paul DeMercado, bassist Phil Matthews and drummer Angel Jacques as well as guitarist Nick Bowcott.

They released a demo recorded at a stable called Bleed ’em Dry and sold all 500 copies.

Steve Grimmet in 1982 replaced DeMercado. He came from the band Medusa and recorded a cassette For Demonstration Only with Tygers of Pan Tang.

Then drummer Lee Harris joined the band and shortly after they recorded their first album for Ebony Records in 4 days in their home room in Hull. This album reached the top 100 in the US charts which led them to sign with RCA Records.

Their second album Fear No Evil had poor production too, which lasted 9 days and still reached success in the USA which led them to participate in big tours with Uriah Heep, Victory and Deep Purple in Texas, and soon after they filmed for MTV their video clip Fear No Evil, where the Tygers of Pan Tang became their symbol as well as Eddie was for Iron Maiden.

After a big legal battle with Ebony Records, they emerged with their 3rd album Rock you to Hell, which was recorded in their era with both companies, but in a very poor way, so it was recorded in the USA with a much better production and the video Rock you to Hell was shot with Max Norman on bass.

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Country: United Kingdom
Genre(s): NWOBHM / Heavy Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 4.1 GB
File Compressor: RAR
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Tygers of Pan Tang’s RELEASES

Studio albums

1980 – Wild Cat [1:08:24]
1980 – Wild Cat (2007 Remastered) [44:46]
1981 – Spellbound [51:10]
1981 – Spellbound (2006 Remastered) [51:11]
1981 – Spellbound (2007 Remastered) [34:26]
1981 – Crazy Nights [49:06]
1981 – Crazy Nights (2007 Remastered) [37:31]
1982 – The Cage [51:31]
1985 – The Wreck-Age [39:44]
1987 – Burning in the Shade [37:14]
2001 – Mystical [49:23]
2003 – Noises From the Cathouse [1:02:44]
2008 – Animal Instinct [50:37]
2012 – Ambush [49:07]
2016 – Tygers of Pan Tang [44:56]
2019 – Ritual [57:16]

Singles, EPs, Fan Club & Promo

2010 – The Wildcat Sessions (EP) [24:00]
2011 – The Spellbound Sessions (EP) [25:58]
2016 – Only the Brave (Single) [9:07]


1986 – First Kill [50:25]
1992 – Singles [37:12]
1999 – On the Prowl: The Best of Tygers of Pan Tang [1:13:03]
2005 – Detonated [50:21]
2005 – Big Game Hunting (The Rarities) [2:01:32]
2015 – Tygers Sessions: The First Wave [50:08]
2017 – The MCA Years [5:20:54]


1981 – BBC in Concert [20:07] – 224 kbps
2001 – Live at Wacken [47:38]
2001 – Live at Nottingham Rock City [58:30]
2003 – Live in the Roar [1:14:59]
2005 – Leg of the Boot: Live in Holland [1:08:45]



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