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Formed in Montréal, Canada in 1996 – Disbanded in 2015

Though they were predated by a straightforward thrash metal band, UNEXPECT have quickly evolved into one of the Avant-garde Metal world’s most forward thinking outfits. Combing operatic elements and shades of classical music with nearly every style of metal imaginable (from death through to gothic metal) and topping it off with an extremely challenging avant-garde approach, their sound must be heard to be believed.

The group’s seeds were planted by a thrash ground called Unepxected, whose ranks included guitarist/vocalist Artagoth and bassist Zircon. In 1996 the group expanded to add guitarist/vocalist Syriak and drummer Ben GELINAS, at which point they shortened their name to UNEXPECT and began incorporating new influences into their sound. The following year Lunorin took over as drummer, with keyboardist Merzeny, violinist Le Batleur and female vocalist Elda expanding their lineup to a whopping seven people, with whom they would record the melodic death metal influenced “Utopia” in 1998 (to be released independently in 1999).

In the following years Zircon, Elda and Merzenya would all depart from the band, to be replaced by bassist ChaotH (infamous for his use of a 9 string bass) and female vocalist Leïlindel. Lunorin changed his instrument to keyboards and his name to ExoD, with Landryx completing their lineup in 2003 as the new drummer. The “_We, Invaders” EP came out on Galy Records in 2003 and showcased the band’s shocking evolution into an avant-garde monster, a path fully realized on 2006’s “In a Flesh Aquarium” (released on The End RecordS).

Download’s Info

Country: Canada
Genre(s): Avant-garde/Progressive Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 874 MB (scans)
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Unexpect’s Facebook

Unexpect’s RELEASES

1999 – Utopia [1:05:34]

01. Vespers Gold (7:33)
02. Constellation and Mysticism (5:38)
03. Metamorphosis (2:45)
04. Shades of a Forbiden Passion (6:45)
05. Palace of Dancing Souls (2:54)
06. The Fall of Arthrone (7:28)
07. Ethereal Dimensions (7:47)
08. The Flames of Knowledge Forever Lost (7:17)
09. In Velvet Coffins We Sleep (8:54)
10. The Revival (8:35)

2003 – _we, Invaders [26:25]

01. NovaР» (6:48)
02. Rooted Shadows (6:06)
03. In Velvet Coffins We Slept (8:20)
04. Chromatic Chimera (5:11)

2006 – In A Flesh Aquarium [1:34:58]

CD1 – In A Flesh Aquarium:

01. Chromatic Chimera (5:52)
02. Feasting Fools (6:17)
03. Desert Urbania (7:30)
04. Summoning Scenes (7:47)
05. Silence_011010701 (5:14)
06. Megalomaniac Trees (5:57)
07. The Shiver – Another Dissonant Chord (3:00)
08. The Shiver – Meet Me At The Carrousel (4:08)
09. The Shiver – A Clown’s Mindtrap (3:41)
10. Psychic Jugglers (11:10)

Bonus CD – _we, Invaders:

01. NovaР» (6:50)
02. Rooted Shadows (6:09)
03. In Velvet Coffins We Slept (8:22)
04. Chromatic Chimera (5:13)
05. Puppet’s Strange Vision (7:48)

2011 – Fables of the Sleepless Empire [55:51]

01. Unsolved Ideas Of A Distorted Guest (6:55)
02. Words (5:58)
03. Orange Vigilantes (4:56)
04. Mechanical Phoenix (6:56)
05. The Quantum Symphony (6:04)
06. Unfed Pendulum (7:55)
07. In The Mind Of The Last Whale (2:59)
08. Silence This Parasite (5:19)
09. A Fading Stance (2:06)
10. When The Joyful Dead Are Dancing (4:39)
11. Until Yet A Few More Deaths Do Us Part (2:05)



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